4 Tips for a Good Onboarding Experience

As a L&D professional, onboarding new joinees presents a formidable challenge to overcome. Such programmes normally suffer from low completion rates,  low participation rates and lack in engagement but are necessary for new joinees. According to SHRM, nearly 4 percent of new employees leave their new jobs after a disastrous first day. New employees decide within the first 30 days whether they feel welcome in the organization.

Having “gamified” onboarding initiatives for leading MNC’s and SME’s, we uncovered few basic essentials. They are :

  1. Present the Right Information

It’s your employees first few days on the job so don’t dump loads of information on to them. Have only the important information visible to them. “Nice-to-know” information such as About the Company, Management Team, and Vision & Values can be included. HR Policies and “Need to Know” information can be included at later stages.

  1. Gamify the Whole Experience

Majority of your new joinees have played one or more games on their mobile. Replicate the same experience in your onboarding programme too. Points, badges and leader board ensure high completion and participation rates. An engaging game journey gets them hooked on to the programme. We have had instances where employees have expressed that they felt “they were a part of a game”.

  1. Create Engaging Content Modules

Your employees have been used to seeing rich powered content in their day to day life. While information can be presented through ppts, pdfs and word docs, it would make a difference if such presentations were complete with good sense of design. Look at creating visually powered presentations and providing byte size information.

  1. Recognize Performance

While assessments can be integrated to the onboarding programme to capture key learnings, don’t make it over-competitive where employees feel it’s an exam rather than a fun exercise. Keep it simple and make it interactive. A small token of appreciation to the top performers, with company branded merchandise or team outings, can result in a good onboarding experience.

While we know that there are many other factors critical for a good onboarding experience such as technology, environment, buy-in from the management, the above 4 points represent the basic essentials.

Our award winning product, Playday, uses game mechanics to enhance enterprise learning in the areas of onboarding and policy learning.

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