5 Employee Engagement Ideas to boost Employee Morale

As a Human Resource Leader, you are constantly looking at your Employee Engagement techniques and Employee Satisfaction Surveys to check if employees have provided high ratings. You outline many initiatives to ensure that employee motivation is high. Gone are the days when just team outings and off sites used to be the norm for engaging your employees. The millennial workforce needs to be engaged differently as they are expected to form 50% of the workforce by 2020. Afterall, an engaged employee puts in 57% more effort and is 87% less likely to be disengaged according to PwC.

Here are the top 5 employee engagement ideas that I think would work well for the current dynamic workforce:

a) Innovation Portals:

Employee Ideas are at the forefront for the success of any organization. Whether it is an IT, BFSI, Retail or a Manufacturing industry, employee ideas are critical to new age improvements. You could create an innovation portal where employees can submit their ideas with pre-existing ones and tag their ideas to help make them easily accessible. They could explore “challenge questions” to help spark their creativity and find solutions for specific issues, and spread their ideas using a “share” button. Awards can also be created such as “Most Innovative Feature”, “Team Idea of the Year” to promote collaboration and innovation. Many companies such as Accenture, Deloitte and Salesforce have a strong emphasis on this culture. It’s no surprise that these companies are a constant feature in the “Great Places to Work” list.

See our work with Birlasoft for creating an innovation zone.

b) Awards Night:

Employees are in a constant search for platforms to showcase their talent and get recognized. Awards Night is a good way to promote this spirit. Here is a platform where employee benefits from the recognition that he or she deserves for all the work put in during the quarter or year.  While business impact needs to be recognized the most, it would not hurt for Human Resource to have a few cultural performances lined up during the ceremony. Employees would feel that they are being engaged as they are doing what they love the most during such occasions. Aditya Birla’s Retail Oscars is a good example where Retail Reps, Store Managers, Regional Managers and Senior Leadership are all invited for a night of valuing key business performance and to have fun too.

c) Hackathons and Marathons:

If you are an IT company that breathes and lives by ‘coding’, Hackathon are a good way to engage your employees. The benefits of Hackathon are far and wide. Innovation, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving are all on top display at these events- traits that millennials strive to achieve for or already have in abundance. Apps are not only built for increasing the performance of key company metrics but a social cause can also be promoted. The events span across industries and are no longer reserved for coders and programmers. An all women hackathon is also present.

So what if Hackathons are not your area of interest? Try Marathons. This new age activity literally keeps everyone on their toes and has been in vogue for the last few years. TCS and SBI are proud sponsors of the Marathon events across the country. With employee wellness being a key area of concern in the hectic world today, employees are encouraged to participate in these events from the angle of fitness and social causes too. Employee citizenship is encouraged through such activities. Separate tracks such as “Inter Company Relay” are also hosted to promote the spirit of competition and pull employees to participate in such events.

d) Stand Up Comedy:

Peter Bergman, CEO of Bergman Partners, a company that strengthens leadership in people and organization, in his Harvard Business Review article spoke about how laughter should be treated as a metric. He argues that we measure all sorts of things that supposedly drive results but not laughter. Laughter increases focus and an employee who is well focussed is quick enough to do his/her tasks. Increase instances where your employees are bound to have a good laugh and it will show on your employee engagement surveys. It can engage a large audience as well.

e) Quiz:

If you are looking for an interactive, high energy, informative event, a quiz is ideal. Positioned as a mind sport, this employee engagement idea can be used as a great tool for learning as well. All of us are intrinsically curious and a quiz is known to appeal to our curious nature. It is a great platform to showcase our talent and promote the spirit of competition too. It can engage a large workforce as well due to the advent of online tools. You could create an annual exercise where employees are constantly engaged with periodic information that contributes to their holistic development.

The above ideas are a good way to ensure that your employees are constantly engaged and hence the morale of the workforce is at higher levels. According to Hays Global, continuous engagement is a must as engaged employees foster 4.5X revenue.

Check out our infographic on “Key Insights – Employee Engagement and Millenials”.

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