AI.Q – How QuizWorks designed India’s first quiz on Artificial Intelligence

CYPHER 2018 is India’s largest analytical conference. Conceptualized by Analytics India Magazine, it aims to connect the analytics industry – old and new – by chronicling technological progress in the space of analytics, artificial intelligence, data science, and big data by highlighting the innovations, players, and challenges that are shaping the future.

Held from Sept 26th to 28th at Bangalore, this conference attracts the most definitive representation of the industry – Chief Analytics Officers, Head of Analytics, Analytics start-ups, Data Scientists, CTO’s, CIO’s, VC’s and Analytics aspirants. To engage this set of Audience, Analytics India Magazine (AIM) organized a series of engaging contests like hackathons, workshops, flash contests etc. However, to engage a larger audience within a definitive timeframe, AIM was exploring a contest that would be both informative and interactive. Thus, “AI.Q” -India’s first quiz based on Artificial Intelligence was designed.

Open to all conference participants, the quiz was held for a duration of 2 hours and was the perfect ending to the Conference. Participants registered in teams of 2 belonging to different entities and it attracted an audience consisting of various designations ranging from students to assistant managers to C-Level Executives. Over 140 contestants participated in the engagement programme.

The quiz content contained a judicial mix of core AI trivia along with the latest trends dominating the industry. 20 question prelims set decided the Top 6 teams. The finalists consisted of teams belonging to Academic Universities and leading global corporations such as American Express, SAP, IBM, Analytix Lab, Times Professional Learning, Manipal Pro-learn, Edvancer, 3LOQ, Praxis, Reva University. The 6 finalists on stage were engaged over a 4 Round Finals by our engagement specialist, Miraj Vora. Cash prizes worth Rs 75,000 were distributed among the Top 3 teams. Audience prizes consisted of JBL speakers.


Here’s the testimonial of the quiz event-

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