Brain Baazi – An Honest Review of the Quizzing App launched by Times Internet

Brain Baazi - A Quiz App

Answering trivia and earning a quick buck, two of the many things that have always fascinated Indians, have been brought to the palm of your hand by Brain Baazi, a quizzing app launched by Times Internet. The app has crossed over one lakh users per day in the short duration of one month since its launch in February this year. We thought it would be a good idea to figure out the success factors of the quiz: –

  • Ease of Use:- One of the main reasons of this app’s success is the simplicity and the easiness to play and win. One click registration, no entry fees, straight forward Q&A, the app is keeping it as simple as possible. Each day the quiz goes live at 1 PM or 9 PM at night with all users playing simultaneously. The entire quiz takes place in the short duration of twenty minutes, thus making it a neatly packaged pre-dinner or post dinner activity. The questions are trivial and direct and the users get only 10 seconds to answer, thus making it ‘either you know it or don’t’ type of quiz.
  • Gameplay:- The quiz is interactive in nature, with a quizmaster conducting the quiz for the entire 20 minutes, giving insights about the various questions along with some exciting trivia. To get the audience hooked to the app, just before the quiz starts there are some short minute long video segments known as Cheat codes and Gyan Guru. These video segments give subtle hints about the questions that will come in the quiz.
  • Prize Money:- Another interesting factor of Brain Baazi is that it doesn’t follow the traditional “single winner takes it all” format.  The prize money of Rs 50,000 or Rs 1,00,000 is shared among all the users who are able to answer all the questions correctly, thus allowing multiple users to have a part of the prize money.  After each question, the user gets to know how many people have answered the question correctly and how many people are still there in the contest, giving the users the idea of the prize money that they can get. This ensures repeated login to the app.

This app is ideal for people who love trivia and would like to win some money out of it. The short duration of the quiz, simplicity and the money incentive work in its favor. With mobile apps quickly replacing television as the main source of entertainment, it remains to be seen whether it would bring in the same aura and charm that KBC provided in the late nineties.

Download and play the game click here

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