Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Chandigarh

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The Brand Equity Quiz 2012

November 1st, Chandigarh

Corporate India’ oldest and most awaited quiz –The Idea Brand Equity Quiz 2012– kicked off on November 1st. Chandigarh got the privilege to host the first leg of  this year’s edition. The name of quiz was enough to lure all quizzers from the nearer states and cities to gather them under one roof. And one thing which always make it so luring is the presence of ace quizmaster Derek O’Brien. And as the battle started, Samsung outwitted Infosys at the opening regional round.

These were the 6 teams to qualify for the regional finals:-

Bharti Airtel

Infosys Red

Pioneer &Partner


Infosys Blue


The chief guest, Vivek Malhotra (Vice President and Head of Marketing for Idea Cellular’s Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and J&K circles) presented the prizes to the winners. The team from Samsung, represented by Nitin Gupta and Manu Kaushik, maintained their lead from starting and emerged as the winners.


1) Which famous architect said “Chairs are architecture. Sofa are Bourgeois” ?

Answer:  Le Corbusier.

2) Which abbreviation of the 1920s is probably influenced by the proprietor name  “Frigidaire”?

Answer : Fridge.

3)    In the 1990 Louis Cartier popularized the use of –

  1. a)     Diamond
  2. b)    Pearls
  3. c)     Platinum

Answer: Platinum

4) Paul Di Resto, Nico Huldenberg and Jules Bianchi are drivers for which F1 team?

Answer: Force India

5)What is the minimum amt that one can send through Instant Money Order on India POST?

Answer: 1000 Rupees

6) Which bollywood  film, directed by Bimal Roy in 1953, is the story of an impoverished farmer who became the Rickshaw Puller?

Answer: Do Bhiga Jamin.

7)Last year the world oldest marathon runner featured in a publicity campaign for

–         UNICEF

–         DUREX

–         PETA

Answer:- PETA

8)    In 2011 Rupert Murdoch News Corp. launched the ‘Daily’. It is the first Newspaper:-




Answer : Ipad

9) You have to pay to go up the Eiffel  tower.  Serious/Joking?

Answer: Serious

10)All the winner of  Nobel Prizes for Economics have won the award in their lifetime. True/False?

Answer:- True

11) Complete this phrase ; Be penny wise and——–Foolish.

Answer : Pound

12) In  1917, the US Rubber company almost marketed their footwear creation calling it Veds or Peds. They finally used another four letter word for them. What was it called as?

Answer: KEDS

13) Who headed the Salt Lake Org. Committee for the Olympic Paralympics Winter games of 2002?

Answer: Mitt Romney

14) What is trademark ed as a type of plasticized cardboard carton for milk & other folded from a single sheet ?

Answer: Tetra pack

15) Who worked in the Daily Bungle ?

– Superman

– Batman

– spiderman

Answer: Superman

16) The Pakistan version of which board game is called Crorepati Baopaar?

Answer: Monopoly

17) Which is the most popular flavour of  ice cream?

–         Chocolate

–         Strawberry

–         Vanilla

Answer : Vanilla

18) Which company trades on the NYSE using the symbol “LNKD”?


19) In their effort to stop tea from being declared the national drink, what did bar owners in Ludhiana abudantly serve to their customers?

Answer: Lassy ( a drink extracted from the milk)

20) 19 nation representing 6% of the world population have comprehensive national bans on ————- advertising ?

Answer:- Tobacco

21) Who presented the first interim budget of independent India?

Answer:R. K. Shanmukham Chetty

22) The name of which mild pain killer comes from ‘acetyliete spirsaure’ salicylic acid”?

Answr:- Aspirin

23) According to Philip Kotler the science and art of exploring, creation value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit is called ————

Answer:- Marketing

24) In 1882, a company started by which inventor provided the 1st commercial light system in Lower Manhattan ?

Answer:- GE, Thomas Edison.


ROUND 1:- An innovative round where Derek gave answers and teams had to frame questions out of it. And the teams found out how it is difficult to create questions rather than giving answer).

1) 7824-7431-7884  Ranjana Sonawane of Maharashtra

Answer:  Who was first AADHAAR recipient?

2)To cure his kidney stones Marquir de Lessert drank this water from his friends property.

Answer: How did we got Evain Water?

3) Forbes magazine says this Indian is the Most Looser of 2011.

Ans:-Who ranked Laxmi Mittal as the most loser of 2011?

4)  This auto sport originated when bootleggers transported whiskey at night in modified cars to deceive the police.

Ans:-How did NASCAR originated?

5)    Travel Company started in 1841 when the founder took 500 passenger from Leicester to Loughborough

Ans:-How was Thomas&Cook formed?



1)In 1990s before he become the pioneer of it, he was a motorcycle dealer, having poultry farm and served in Indian army. He is also a Udupi hotel owner and  a stockbroker. Who?

Ans. CAPTAIN Gopinath

2)  Which iconic brand has assembly line in Brazil and Bawal (Haryana).

Ans. Harley Davidson

3)    According to the  Times in London, who was the richest musician in 2011 under the age of 30?

Answer:- Adele

4))It is belived,  Japanese used to put something in Chai to make it bitter. What did they  used to put in the Chai ?

Ans. Turmeric 


Idea Deal Round:-

1)    According to a recent survey, who is the best brand ambassador in watch category?

Ans. Tiger Wood

 2) Name this commodity which derives its name from ‘Juniper berry

Answer:- Gin

3)    “My wealth comes from Luck and compound Interest”. Who said these words?

Ans. Warren Buffet

4)    India produces more than 109 varieties of this agri product. What ?

Answer: Spices. 

5)    In which city of Southern Hemisphere wad the movie ‘ The Lord of Rings’ ahot?


6)    Which company in the world produces more than 300 million rubber tyre ?

Answer:- Lego


  1. This management Guru is known as ‘MEP’

Answer:- Micheal E Porter

2) Harry Bentley Bradley are  set to design which brand of Toys ?

Answer:- Hot Wheels

3) In term of Tonnage, which state produce more wheat?

Answer:- UP

4) Which country has most users of FACEBOOK?

Ans- USA

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