Cypher 2019: The AI Quiz

Quizmaster Miraj Vora

Cypher is an annual symposium organized by the Analytics India magazine. it brings interesting talks and sessions throughout the three-day event. Loaded with keynotes, panel discussions, knowledge talks, and hands-on sessions, Cypher brings the best quality content for anyone and everyone who’s in the emerging tech industry like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, data analytics and internet of things, among others. With experienced speakers lined up for the summit, Cypher has raised the bar about the kind of talks that would be offered in the future.

Day 3 of Cypher 2019 saw a sequel to last year’s AI Quiz, as we once again got together to challenge the audience from an ever-developing industry to knuckle down some answers and win some neat cashes prizes for the same. The event saw 60+ attendees competing in the 20 question prelims, from which 6 teams were selected. The winners from Aditya Birla Group won a cash prize of Rs 30,000 followed by a cash prize of 20,000 and 10,000 by first and second runner ups respectively.

Cypher - AIQ
There were close to 300 attendees for the Quiz

The event lasted for an approximate time of 2 hours, and saw the debut of “Wheel of Fortune” Round, which brings the spirit of game shows to quizzing in a manner which is rewarding, but not heartbreaking. Some of the questions which were loved by the audience were:

“The game Go became famous worldwide and was the subject of immense research by computer scientists, leading to the development of an AI player X. The AI’s matchup against Lee Sedol is the subject of a 2017 award winning documentary. Identify the name of this AI player.”

“Easy on humans, hard on bots” is the tagline of which service provided by Google?

This is a stochastic model describing a sequence of possible events in which the probability of each event depends only on the state attained in the previous event. What are we talking about?

Testimonial from the Organizer

Quizzes like the AI Quiz prove that even industry specific quizzes can be conducted in an engaging manner, if the will to do so is there. As our philosophy has been over the years, we believe that the key to a successful event is an engaged audience, and the zest and fervour at Cypher regarding the AI Quiz was a reward for all of us at Quizworks.

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