How a quiz event improved employee engagement scores for a real estate company

Real Estate businesses are complex and people-intensive. Most of the major Realty houses maintain large in-house teams of Architects, Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, Field Officers, Sales & Marketing managers, HR, Admin, Finance and miscellaneous staff. Such a multi-disciplinary array of personnel is required for the smooth functioning of the company and to sustain its competitive edge.

However, over a period of time, employee engagement with the company and its core values begins to drop, among such a diverse workforce. In such a scenario, cookie-cutter initiatives to improve employee engagement don’t always work as one realty company discovered.

A leading Indian realty major was keen to improve employee engagement in the company and was exploring innovative methods to achieve the same. Coupled with their existing employee-friendly policies, QuizWorks was engaged to design an interactive quiz. The objectives of the event were two-fold: –

  • Create an environment of fun and learning
  • Drive participation and engagement rates among employees

Both during and after the event, the employees were monitored for the following metrics

  • Participation Rates: How many employees registered and attended the event
  • Engagement Rates: How many employees stayed back for the quiz
  • Awareness Rates: How familiar were the employees about the company’s policies and offerings

The program content was broadly focused on the following areas: –

  • HR Processes and Policies
  • Core Values of the Company
  • Competitive differentiators of the company
  • General Quiz Topics like Sports, Movies, Technology, Cuisine etc.

Hosted by Runal Dahiwade, the quiz consisted of a preliminary round of 20 questions followed by the finals which involved 5 rounds of quizzes for the top 6 teams. Teams consisted of employees who belonged to multi-functional departments which encouraged bonding among the employees. The quiz consisted of text, visuals and Audio Video based questions – thus making it a highly interactive event. Audience questions were also asked

At the end of the event, the quiz program witnessed 80% participation rates and was voted as “One of The Best Employee Engagement Events” in the Annual Year Survey. Awareness rates increased by 65% compared to traditional methods of training.

The company now plans to make this an annual event and even replicate the same across other locations for maximum benefit.

If you are looking for an employee engagement activity at your company, get in touch with us at and we would love to have a conversation.

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