How India Today Group connected with the Indian youth through digital contests

10,000+ schools’ participation. 23,000+ students engaged. A 4.6 rating out of 5 on the Brand Engagement Index and a Net Promoter Score of 45. Aziz Ali, Brand Head at India Today Group, was finally relieved once he saw these stats after the completion of his team’s first-ever digital quiz program – Young Masters Quiz.

4 months ago, the picture was slightly different.

With the onset of the new financial year in April 2021, Aziz was tasked with creating a digital engagement property. Known for their connection towards youth and conceptualizing mega on-stage/in-studio engagement properties, Aziz knew that this year had to be different. His client, Amrita University, wanted to increase their brand awareness and position themselves as a premier educational institute for Indian students pursuing Science, Commerce, and Arts programs. With AI, Robotics, and Automation shaping the future, Amrita University wanted to position itself as a thought leader in this space.

Aziz realized that the medium of quizzing would work well with this segment of the audience, considering the successful run of their other property – News Wiz Quiz Show. Considering that offline quiz shows were never going to be feasible, doing an online quiz was the most sensible option. With almost 80% of students having access to a smartphone and 17% to a laptop, this was the new norm for Indian students.

But he was apprehensive given the times. Would schools express an interest considering the exams turmoil they were in? Would students be in the right frame of mind to participate? Would the event go smoothly considering the uncertainty that prevails in such times? As he was internally wrestling with these questions, Aziz set out to look for answers. He knew he needed experienced and trustworthy partners who could help in conceptualizing and executing the event.

Enter QuizWorks. Having a decade of experience in creating live quiz shows and digital contests, we set out to understand the key objectives and the vision behind the property. Over weeks of deliberations, a roadmap was finalized and thus, the Young Masters India Today Quiz was born. Held over 3 phases at School, Zonal and National levels, the quiz was open for 9th to 12th standard students studying in CBSE Schools and curated according to their stream of choice – Science, Commerce, or Arts. With prizes ranging from Robotics kits to free training courses on Robotics and up to 75% scholarship on UG programs from Amrita University.

While the school and zonal levels were held on an online contest engine, the National Finals needed an element of change for interaction and engagement. Having the capabilities of designing multiple quizzes on Kahoot!, a gamified software, we engaged the top 64 students in each stream in a highly interactive format for 60 minutes. Containing a judicious mix of text, visuals, and Video questions with an engaging quizmaster, the content offered a great learning experience for the contestants.

With the quiz having attracted a lot of first-timers, the property changed the perception of quizzing in the minds of the Indian students. What was perceived as a ‘serious assessment’ turned out to be an ‘intellectually fun’ exercise. It unearthed new talents and reached the far corners of the country.

Watch the feedback below: –

The Grand National Final was hosted by the popular quiz anchor, Rajdeep Sardesai, in his immaculate quizzing style.

As the results were being announced and the project wrapped up, Aziz Ali was a happy man. He knew he had a process in his hand that could deliver an end-to-end online solution for his upcoming projects.

Disclaimer: – Actual names have not been disclosed for reasons of confidentiality.

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