How QuizWorks used quizzing and gamification to engage CIO’s

Earlier this month, a leading Indian IT Consulting firm hosted a South Asia CIO meet of leading BFSI Companies at their campus to increase adoption of their award winning product. This product is powered by multiple solutions by their IT Partner and hence, there was a need to educate and engage the audience on these solutions which they may not be aware off; thus creating cross selling/up selling opportunities. To showcase the capabilities of Partner’s add on solutions which optimizes the product’s performance, the Partner were looking at novel ways of engaging the audience to promote key messaging.

The objectives, which we label as “T.I.D.E”, were following:

  • Talk about add on solutions offered by the Partner on the product
  • Identify cross selling and up selling opportunities
  • Drive engagement and participation at the Partner’s Booth
  • Educate customers in a fun and interactive approach

To achieve the above objectives, QuizWorks used quizzing and gamification to drive the actions of participants at the conference. An innovative contest titled “Wall Street Wolf” was designed to capture key engagement and learning metrics.

This info graphic provides a quick insight into our approach:

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