How quizzing can be used for community engagement

In November 2015, LinkedIn introduced the LinkedIn Agency Aces– an interactive quiz aimed at connecting with working professionals in the advertising world. This presented an opportunity for agency executives to learn about the platform and develop right strategies to leverage LinkedIn to reach their potential audience.

(Catch the interview with Ashutosh Gupta– Director of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India, at the end of this article)



Like LinkedIn, many other companies are increasingly using quizzing and gamification as a way to engage with their community. Active community engagement helps generate new ideas, share best practices, while helping you build a trusted and favourable brand image. Quizzing has proved to be an effective medium to reach out to a community as it packages the right content and delivers it at a rapid pace. Here are the reasons why it should be used:

a) Promotes Awareness:-

When Chipmaker Intel wanted to promote awareness on the benefits as well as potential threats of Internet-based interactions and familiarise students with cyber threats, consequences and protective measures, they launched the Digital Wellness Online Challenge in collaboration with National e-governance Division. The online quiz aimed at sensitizing and creating a culture of digital wellness among children from classes 6 to 12.

The instant feedback provided through a quiz checks your existing awareness levels and reinforces what you already know. You can inform through knowledge based questions and help them apply knowledge gained through application based questions.

b) Suited for Dispersed Audiences:-

Your community is never restricted to a single location. When Times Ascent wanted to engage the large community of engineers in India, they conceptualized the “Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind”. Consisting of a Facebook based contest plus live quizzes across 6 cities in India, Times Ascent were able to connect with this dispersed set of audience. Through a single platform, they were able to reach out to their community

c) Personalized Content:-

It’s imperative that you communicate the right content in retaining and attracting a community base. While LinkedIn spoke about Social Media through their Agency Aces initiative, SHRM, the leading global HR society, spoke about the latest global HR trends through their Early HR Practitioner Quiz. A quiz ensures that all necessary information is packaged in a precise manner and is targeted to an individual.

d) Engaging:-

With its varied assessment types and content format such as text, visuals and audio video, a quiz keeps you engaged. It could be knowledge-based questions to provide information or scenario-based questions to encourage participants to think, decide, and choose an action.

Whether it is LinkedIn, Intel, SHRM or Times Ascent, companies are slowly realizing the potential of using quizzing as an effective tool to reach out to their community.

The QuizWorks team caught with up Ashutosh Gupta, Director of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India to share his views on the LinkedIn Agency Aces program and its impact.

a) What made you choose quizzing and gamification to engage the Agency professionals online?

Through our Agency Aces program, we wanted to engage agency executives across India and share the latest developments in digital marketing. To make this process more interactive we thought of putting this information in a quiz format. By having individuals and agencies participate to become the ‘LinkedIn Agency Ace’ and the ‘Top Agency of the year’, we encouraged them to share and learn the best practices in the industry, in a fun way

b) How have been the impact and the feedback?

The response to the program has been overwhelming with over 2000 participants across more than 400 agencies participating in a span of just four weeks. It’s great to see that through a simple initiative we helped digital marketers in India learn about the latest trends and innovations in their field.

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