Kiwi Mastermind India Quiz 2013

Edu Nz, which is the lead marketing organization of New Zealand’s education industry overseas, organized two fairs during the month of April in Pune and Kochi. To develop a buzz around these fairs, QuizWorks hosted an online plus offline quiz contest called “Kiwi Mastermind India”. The online contests were featured on the Facebook pages of QuizWorks, EduNz and Over 1000 people participated in these contests that carried a flavor of NewZealand Heritage too. The quizzing sessions were also extended to offline events.


On April 6th in Kochi, QuizWorks quiz master, conducted the offline event of “KiwiMastermind India” that had over 100 teams participating in the prelims. With its engaging content, the event was a rousing success. With the benchmark having been set, the caravan moved to Pune a week later where Mr. Harneet Singh, an experienced quizmaster of QuizWorks dazzled the audience with his witty one-liners. Both the quiz events featured questions that paid tribute to the rich heritage of New Zealand. And it was a treat to watch our young Indian students crack these!!! The expression on their faces said it all and winners were awarded with goodie bags, pen drives, trophies and yes, the honour of proclaiming themselves as “Kiwi Masterminds”.

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