NHRD HR WIZ – An honest review

NHRD HR WIZ- An honest review

June 9th, 2018 marked the first edition of HR Wiz conceptualized by NHRD Bangalore Chapter. Not since the SHRM First People Contest did we witness an interactive session of knowledge and fun among the leading HR professionals of the country.

The Grand Finale, held at St. Josephs Institute of Management, Bangalore was attended by over 200 HR & Business Leaders & Professionals. Sponsored by leading Indian companies like Manipal Pro learn, KPMG, Uniq Security Services, Vantage Circle, Lifestyle etc, the Grand Finale was a specially curated event for corporate working professionals. An online quiz event, held from May 28th- May 30th, shortlisted Top 75 teams out of 450+ corporate teams.

NHRD HR WIZ- An honest review

NHRD HR WIZ- An honest review

Prelim of 30 questions was conducted to select the Top 8 teams. The finalists had leading quiz teams from the corporate circuit like Deloitte, TCS, EY, Fuller Life etc. The Chief Guest, David Rasquinha, Chairman & MD of Exim Bank, delivered a special keynote address on ‘India’s competitiveness in the global economy and what can we do to improve it’.  There was a special corporate HR Standup Comedy Act by Expressionist.

The quiz finals, conducted by Venky of Nexus Consulting, had an interesting mix of questions related to latest trends in the HR world. One round that stood out was the “Expert Round” where CHRO’s of leading companies questioned the audience and the teams on stage. This form of engagement sparked constructive discussions among the attendees.

After an exciting final, top 3 winners were – ICRA, Deloitte, EY. The winners received attractive cash prizes and a special feature on HR Katha Magazine and NHRD website.

You can check out some of the questions below: –

Q1. In the late ‘90s, this man wanted a sabbatical, so he rented a beach house in Hawaii. On the islands, he connected with locals and learned about many of their traditions and customs, including the concept of X. In Hawaiian culture, X represents the idea that families-blood, related, adopted, or intentional-are bound together, and that family members are responsible for one another. When he created Y in 1999, he made sure that X was in the company’s foundations. Today, Y is rated as one of the best companies in the world to work, for which X is often credited.
Name X and Y.
Ans: – Ohana and Salesforce

2. They can be categorized into two: hard and soft. The ‘soft’ ones are shared values, skills, style, and staff. Developed more than two decades ago by two leading thinkers, its name also reflects the organization they were working in when it was developed.
What are we talking about? What are the ‘hard’ ones?
Ans: – Mc Kinsey’s 7S Framework. The hard ones are Structure, Strategy, and Systems.

3. The term first gained currency after it appeared in a 1989 article in Industry Week. An extract is given below:
“A Minneapolis consultant and author, Dick paints a picture of managers struggling to capture a mythical thing called [,,] – a proportioning of their [existence] with sufficient weight on professional activities, but with a healthy counterweight of family and personal interests.”It used to be that____ was a boutique issue, “he says. “You know, something that would be great to worry about whenever-and if –one had some free time. But [,,] is killing people!”
What term?
Ans: – Work-Life Balance

4. The X effect is when a possible first impression good looks, pleasant behaviour, results in the negative characteristics of the person being ignored. We start seeing the person in the X of the positive first impression. The Y effect is when a negative first impression tends to override all others positive qualities of the persons. This is a cognitive bias with severe consequence in situation like interviews or appraisals.
Ans: – Halo and Horn Effect

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