How QuizWorks used quizzing and gamification to engage CIO’s October 24, 2016

Earlier this month, a leading Indian IT Consulting firm hosted a South Asia CIO meet of leading BFSI Companies at their campus to increase adoption of their award winning product. This product is powered by multiple solutions by their IT Partner and hence, there was a need to educate and engage the audience on these solutions which they may not be aware off; thus creating cross selling/up selling opportunities. To showcase the capabilities of Partner’s add on solutions which optimizes the product’s performance, the Partner were looking at novel ways of engaging the audience to promote key messaging.

The objectives, which we label as “T.I.D.E”, were following:

  • Talk about add on solutions offered by the Partner on the product
  • Identify cross selling and up selling opportunities
  • Drive engagement and participation at the Partner’s Booth
  • Educate customers in a fun and interactive approach

To achieve the above objectives, QuizWorks used quizzing and gamification to drive the actions of participants at the conference. An innovative contest titled “Wall Street Wolf” was designed to capture key engagement and learning metrics.

This info graphic provides a quick insight into our approach:

If you are thinking of a gamified initiative to engage your community, look no further and get in touch with us here

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4 Tips for a Good Onboarding Experience June 2, 2016

As a L&D professional, onboarding new joinees presents a formidable challenge to overcome. Such programmes normally suffer from low completion rates,  low participation rates and lack in engagement but are necessary for new joinees. According to SHRM, nearly 4 percent of new employees leave their new jobs after a disastrous first day. New employees decide within the first 30 days whether they feel welcome in the organization.

Having “gamified” onboarding initiatives for leading MNC’s and SME’s, we uncovered few basic essentials. They are :

  1. Present the Right Information

It’s your employees first few days on the job so don’t dump loads of information on to them. Have only the important information visible to them. “Nice-to-know” information such as About the Company, Management Team, and Vision & Values can be included. HR Policies and “Need to Know” information can be included at later stages.

  1. Gamify the Whole Experience

Majority of your new joinees have played one or more games on their mobile. Replicate the same experience in your onboarding programme too. Points, badges and leader board ensure high completion and participation rates. An engaging game journey gets them hooked on to the programme. We have had instances where employees have expressed that they felt “they were a part of a game”.

  1. Create Engaging Content Modules

Your employees have been used to seeing rich powered content in their day to day life. While information can be presented through ppts, pdfs and word docs, it would make a difference if such presentations were complete with good sense of design. Look at creating visually powered presentations and providing byte size information.

  1. Recognize Performance

While assessments can be integrated to the onboarding programme to capture key learnings, don’t make it over-competitive where employees feel it’s an exam rather than a fun exercise. Keep it simple and make it interactive. A small token of appreciation to the top performers, with company branded merchandise or team outings, can result in a good onboarding experience.

While we know that there are many other factors critical for a good onboarding experience such as technology, environment, buy-in from the management, the above 4 points represent the basic essentials.

Our award winning product, Playday, uses game mechanics to enhance enterprise learning in the areas of onboarding and policy learning.

Check out our case study on onboarding here

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How quizzing can be used for community engagement January 28, 2016

In November 2015, LinkedIn introduced the LinkedIn Agency Aces– an interactive quiz aimed at connecting with working professionals in the advertising world. This presented an opportunity for agency executives to learn about the platform and develop right strategies to leverage LinkedIn to reach their potential audience.

(Catch the interview with Ashutosh Gupta– Director of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India, at the end of this article)



Like LinkedIn, many other companies are increasingly using quizzing and gamification as a way to engage with their community. Active community engagement helps generate new ideas, share best practices, while helping you build a trusted and favourable brand image. Quizzing has proved to be an effective medium to reach out to a community as it packages the right content and delivers it at a rapid pace. Here are the reasons why it should be used:

a) Promotes Awareness:-

When Chipmaker Intel wanted to promote awareness on the benefits as well as potential threats of Internet-based interactions and familiarise students with cyber threats, consequences and protective measures, they launched the Digital Wellness Online Challenge in collaboration with National e-governance Division. The online quiz aimed at sensitizing and creating a culture of digital wellness among children from classes 6 to 12.

The instant feedback provided through a quiz checks your existing awareness levels and reinforces what you already know. You can inform through knowledge based questions and help them apply knowledge gained through application based questions.

b) Suited for Dispersed Audiences:-

Your community is never restricted to a single location. When Times Ascent wanted to engage the large community of engineers in India, they conceptualized the “Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind”. Consisting of a Facebook based contest plus live quizzes across 6 cities in India, Times Ascent were able to connect with this dispersed set of audience. Through a single platform, they were able to reach out to their community

c) Personalized Content:-

It’s imperative that you communicate the right content in retaining and attracting a community base. While LinkedIn spoke about Social Media through their Agency Aces initiative, SHRM, the leading global HR society, spoke about the latest global HR trends through their Early HR Practitioner Quiz. A quiz ensures that all necessary information is packaged in a precise manner and is targeted to an individual.

d) Engaging:-

With its varied assessment types and content format such as text, visuals and audio video, a quiz keeps you engaged. It could be knowledge-based questions to provide information or scenario-based questions to encourage participants to think, decide, and choose an action.

Whether it is LinkedIn, Intel, SHRM or Times Ascent, companies are slowly realizing the potential of using quizzing as an effective tool to reach out to their community.

The QuizWorks team caught with up Ashutosh Gupta, Director of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India to share his views on the LinkedIn Agency Aces program and its impact.

a) What made you choose quizzing and gamification to engage the Agency professionals online?

Through our Agency Aces program, we wanted to engage agency executives across India and share the latest developments in digital marketing. To make this process more interactive we thought of putting this information in a quiz format. By having individuals and agencies participate to become the ‘LinkedIn Agency Ace’ and the ‘Top Agency of the year’, we encouraged them to share and learn the best practices in the industry, in a fun way

b) How have been the impact and the feedback?

The response to the program has been overwhelming with over 2000 participants across more than 400 agencies participating in a span of just four weeks. It’s great to see that through a simple initiative we helped digital marketers in India learn about the latest trends and innovations in their field.

Click here to view our success stories in the Community Engagement Space


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Gamification and Digital Learning – An Indian Perspective December 11, 2015

In an exclusive interview with QuizWorks, Captain Shantanu Chakravorty, Director at Cognizant Leadership Academy, shares his views on how L&D in India is evolving and how gamification is impacting conventional L&D initiatives. Click below for the interview:-

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5 Employee Engagement Ideas to boost Employee Morale October 28, 2015

As a Human Resource Leader, you are constantly looking at your Employee Engagement techniques and Employee Satisfaction Surveys to check if employees have provided high ratings. You outline many initiatives to ensure that employee motivation is high. Gone are the days when just team outings and off sites used to be the norm for engaging your employees. The millennial workforce needs to be engaged differently as they are expected to form 50% of the workforce by 2020. Afterall, an engaged employee puts in 57% more effort and is 87% less likely to be disengaged according to PwC.

Here are the top 5 employee engagement ideas that I think would work well for the current dynamic workforce:

a) Innovation Portals:

Employee Ideas are at the forefront for the success of any organization. Whether it is an IT, BFSI, Retail or a Manufacturing industry, employee ideas are critical to new age improvements. You could create an innovation portal where employees can submit their ideas with pre-existing ones and tag their ideas to help make them easily accessible. They could explore “challenge questions” to help spark their creativity and find solutions for specific issues, and spread their ideas using a “share” button. Awards can also be created such as “Most Innovative Feature”, “Team Idea of the Year” to promote collaboration and innovation. Many companies such as Accenture, Deloitte and Salesforce have a strong emphasis on this culture. It’s no surprise that these companies are a constant feature in the “Great Places to Work” list.

See our work with Birlasoft for creating an innovation zone.

b) Awards Night:

Employees are in a constant search for platforms to showcase their talent and get recognized. Awards Night is a good way to promote this spirit. Here is a platform where employee benefits from the recognition that he or she deserves for all the work put in during the quarter or year.  While business impact needs to be recognized the most, it would not hurt for Human Resource to have a few cultural performances lined up during the ceremony. Employees would feel that they are being engaged as they are doing what they love the most during such occasions. Aditya Birla’s Retail Oscars is a good example where Retail Reps, Store Managers, Regional Managers and Senior Leadership are all invited for a night of valuing key business performance and to have fun too.

c) Hackathons and Marathons:

If you are an IT company that breathes and lives by ‘coding’, Hackathon are a good way to engage your employees. The benefits of Hackathon are far and wide. Innovation, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving are all on top display at these events- traits that millennials strive to achieve for or already have in abundance. Apps are not only built for increasing the performance of key company metrics but a social cause can also be promoted. The events span across industries and are no longer reserved for coders and programmers. An all women hackathon is also present.

So what if Hackathons are not your area of interest? Try Marathons. This new age activity literally keeps everyone on their toes and has been in vogue for the last few years. TCS and SBI are proud sponsors of the Marathon events across the country. With employee wellness being a key area of concern in the hectic world today, employees are encouraged to participate in these events from the angle of fitness and social causes too. Employee citizenship is encouraged through such activities. Separate tracks such as “Inter Company Relay” are also hosted to promote the spirit of competition and pull employees to participate in such events.

d) Stand Up Comedy:

Peter Bergman, CEO of Bergman Partners, a company that strengthens leadership in people and organization, in his Harvard Business Review article spoke about how laughter should be treated as a metric. He argues that we measure all sorts of things that supposedly drive results but not laughter. Laughter increases focus and an employee who is well focussed is quick enough to do his/her tasks. Increase instances where your employees are bound to have a good laugh and it will show on your employee engagement surveys. It can engage a large audience as well.

e) Quiz:

If you are looking for an interactive, high energy, informative event, a quiz is ideal. Positioned as a mind sport, this employee engagement idea can be used as a great tool for learning as well. All of us are intrinsically curious and a quiz is known to appeal to our curious nature. It is a great platform to showcase our talent and promote the spirit of competition too. It can engage a large workforce as well due to the advent of online tools. You could create an annual exercise where employees are constantly engaged with periodic information that contributes to their holistic development.

The above ideas are a good way to ensure that your employees are constantly engaged and hence the morale of the workforce is at higher levels. According to Hays Global, continuous engagement is a must as engaged employees foster 4.5X revenue.

Check out our infographic on “Key Insights – Employee Engagement and Millenials”.

If you want to know more on how a quiz can engage your employees, feel free to Contact Us.

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Top 7 Things To Keep In Mind For A Quiz Activity October 27, 2015

This infographic illustrates basic points to keep in mind for every decision maker while thinking of implementing a quiz event.



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4 Things that a Brand Manager can learn from Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind October 20, 2015

We live in an age of rapid social interactions. Where a new blog post is obsolete within a few days, one event is quickly forgotten as “the next big thing” arrives. Brand managers need to constantly be on their toes to ensure that their brand remains relevant and is communicating the right message to the right audience.

Times Ascent, the weekly supplement of the Times of India that focuses on Human Resource Development, Employment and Job Opportunities, own an annual brand property called the “Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind”. Conceptualized in 2012, this annual quiz property is in its 4th year and aims to celebrate Engineer’s Day which falls on September 15thevery year. Through a dedicated online and offline presence, Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind has retained its appeal over the years in targeting a community of people.

Let us see what brand managers can pick up from one of India’s biggest quiz property.

Associate your Brand with an Occasion:

When you think of gifting during a festive occasion, you think of Cadbury’s and Archie’s. These brands have taken great care to cultivate the art of gifting during all occasions and have reaped the benefits ever since.

India celebrates 48th Engineer’s Day on September 15th to mark the birth anniversary of Sir M Vishweshwaraiah, the most outstanding Indian Engineer. To celebrate this occasion, Times Ascent created a brand property called “Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind”. With a series of contests and interactions developed during the lead up the occasion, Engineer’s Day has become synonymous with Times Ascent.

Target a Community:

The best way to create a brand presence is to ensure that you initiate targeted communications with your audience. With over 1.5 million students graduating as engineers every year and a substantial chunk of the workforce comprising of engineering professionals, this represented a huge market to create a presence.

Times Ascent carried out reports that were dedicated to the unsung heroes of Modern India, our Engineers. It spoke about how engineers have been in the fore front in nation building and articulated their aspirations, dreams and vision. Additionally, it also featured a noteworthy collection of articles providing right from serious insights on careers to humorous anecdotes on the field. It made sure that they were talking about Engineering to Engineers.

Create a Blended Approach:

Online and offline interactions need to complement each other and ensure that they all communicate the right content.

“AEM 2015” was created as a sub-page of “Times Ascent” in Facebook. A 10 day pre-launch interactions were held on Facebook with innovative contests such as “Our Mastermind Quiz”, “Maximum Invites” and “Maximum Shares”. This ensured that the Mastermind event was a truly social event and attracted the right audience. #aemquiz2015 was the Twitter handle complete with real time updates during the event.

Regional quizzes were held across Bangalore, Chennai, Baroda, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai with National Finals being held at Mumbai.  True to its appeal, this event had a turnout of over 150 teams at each city- undoubtedly making it one of India’s biggest corporate quiz events. The questions covered were around the theme of Engineering. Along with core engineering concepts, the quiz had a flavour of general Engineering questions too to ensure maximum engagement.

Treat your Audience Well:

Gratification plays a huge factor when you engage your audience through event based competitions. When your brand is big such as Times, ensure that you live up to that image. Winners were gifted ipad Air, ipad Mini, Mac book Pro and iphone 6- further enhancing the novelty factor associated with the event. 5 star stay for teams qualifying for the National Finals illustrated the care demonstrated by Times Ascent. Nationwide coverage for the participating teams in the print edition provided them with instant recognition.

The above 4 points are the basic factors that any brand can achieve to ensure that they create a buzz and sustain it over the years. Repeated interactions are a must to ensure that your brand has a “share of mind” amongst your target audience.  India’s biggest quiz events such as Tata Crucible, Brand Equity, Bournvita Quiz Contest and ESPN School Quiz were all built over the years. Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind is surely on its way to make it to the big league of corporate quiz events.

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Employee Engagement & Millennials – Key Insights October 14, 2015

Here is an infographic that depicts key stats related to employee engagement and millenials



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Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind 2015 September 16, 2015



In its 4th edition, the Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind, presented by Murugappa Group, was held on September 11thand 12th to commemorate Engineer’s Day on September 15th- the birth anniversary of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, the most outstanding Indian Engineer.

The national level quiz was held across 6 cities and this edition witnessed 2 new host cities- Chennai and Baroda. Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai were the other familiar cities.

True to its appeal, this event had a turnout of over 150 teams at each city- undoubtedly making it one of India’s biggest corporate quiz events.

The questions covered were around the theme of Engineering. Along with core engineering concepts, the quiz had a flavour of general Engineering questions too to ensure maximum engagement. While engineering heavyweights such as Robert Bosch, L&T, HCL, Power Grid Corporation made it to the National Finals at Mumbai, this edition saw the rise of entities such as Altair Engineering, ACRi Infotech, Zopper etc battle it out at the Zonal Finals too.

The National Finals held on September 12th witnessed a tense battle between the following teams:-

Robert Bosch (Bangalore Zonal Winners)

HCL Technologies (Chennai Zonal Winners)

Edelweiss (Mumbai Zonal Winners)

KPMG (Pune Zonal Winners)

Power Grid Corporation (Delhi Zonal Winners)

L&T (Baroda Zonal Winners)

The national quiz was eventually won by HCL Technologies followed by Edelweiss. QuizWorks, the official quizzing partner of Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind, hosted the events across all cities with its eminent roster of quizmasters such as Raj Dam and Runal Dahiwade.

Check out the FB page at

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