Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Chennai November 8, 2012


It all started two decades ago, the journey of Brand Equity Quiz, which has become one of India’s largest corporate quizzes conducted by Derek O’Brien, who has quizzing in his genes. The legacy continued its turn this year by conducting its 1st regional round at Chandigarh on November 1st and came to my city, Chennai on 8th of November. The quiz was held at ITC Sheraton Park, a premium 5 Star hotel in the heart of Chennai.

The banquet hall was packed with audience and Derek mentioned that the quizzing level at Chennai is incomparable with other cities. Andrew Scolt, one of the most experienced quizmasters in the country conducted the prelims in his trademark humorous manner and also made sure that he engaged the audiences. Lots of generous gifts were given to those who got correct answers in prelims.

Following the prelims was the brief recreational high tea, which was provided to all those who were present, where we got an opportunity to interact with many quizzers and made friends with them.  The most awaited moment followed the high tea, where the Top 6 was announced by the Derek O’Brien himself and assured that he would complete the quiz by 08:59 PM!!.

The finalists were,

1) Anish and Devi Karthi of Accenture (24)

2) Anil Kumar and Niladhri of Crisil (24)

3) Shri kanth and his team mate of Infosys (23)

4) Ramakrishnan and Bharat Ram of KPMG (24)

5) Sylvian and Ananthan of Maarga Systems (29)

6) Devi Prasad and Jaya kanthan of TCS (28)

Derek seemed to have had a special interest on the finalists from Maarga systems– maybe because of their unique company’s name and it became a hub for mockery throughout the quiz. He simply gave a coffee mug for a person who just said that his sister was an audience in the BEQ at Kolkata. The finals consisted of 6 rounds whose themes were so unique with some audience questions in between. Derek said humorously that the city of Chennai is a bachelor few of the audience and participants were married to provide gifts for women.

Last year’s winner, Crisel systems were knocked out unfortunately this year and the elite quizzers of TCS were crowned as winners and will be leaving to Mumbai for the Nat’l finals on 28th November, and Derek’s favorite (Maarga Systems) ended up as runners.

I entered the place thinking of “Luxury uncompromised and came back thinking “Quizzing uncompromised”.

PRELIMS:-(except audio)

  1. In 1953, who was the most famous foreigner to be gifted a Nalli saree?

Queen Elizabeth

  1. To commemorate what did Arcelor Mittal build UK‟s largest sculpture a few months ago?—

London Olympics

  1. Two plumbers in a mushroom kingdom fight out to rescue princess toadstool from the evil king Bowser. This is the plot of which game?—


  1. Seven out of ten matchboxes made in India is produced in which city?


  1. Trouser— Belt— Shirt— Shoe— Waist, Cuff, Tongue, Vamp, Welt, are the different parts of what?—


6.In 1869, which scientist got patent for his company for his invention of electric vote recorder?—

Thomas Alva Edison

  1. Peter Drucker’s quote:”Whatever progress ______ manufacturing has made in 30 years, we owe to Joseph Juran. Just fill in the blank.


  1. During WWII, Cipla supplied drugs to Indian soldiers to combat what?—


  1. Which universally recognizable symbol is based on Mobius loop?—

Recycle symbol—

  1. Where is the hub of Cathay Pacific?—

 Hong Kong.

  1. According to Forbes, which is the best Social Networking tool available to job seekers and professionals?—


12.— Sozni, Rezkar, Watchikan are the techniques of embroidery from which Indian state?


  1. Whose picture did Philippe Khan, the inventor of camera mobile in 1997 first shoot?

His baby daughter. It was the reason why he basically invented it.—

  1. On visit to India in 1911, King George V stored his Queen’s valuables in safe made by which company?


  1.  David Ogilvy once said: “Big _____ are usually simple ideas”


  1. Which footballer has the most number of fans in facebook counting over 50 million?—

Christiano Ronaldo

  1. Which common share market term has its origin from the Latin word meaning, “Something to be divided”—?


  1.  Before WIPRO took it over, which brand of soap was manufactured by Sri Kesavan Vaidyar in 1940s of Kerala?—


  1. Who is the oldest women to appear in Pirelli calendar?

Sophia Loren.

  1. In 1912, McMillan published the 1st edition of which work by a Nobel laureate?—


  1. Identify  the logo—

Bank of Baroda

  1. Identify the logo.

Mont Blanc—

  1. For bills and receipts, E&OE stands for Errors and _______ .


  1. Ivan Kemp, founder of IKEA wrote the book titled “A _______ dealer‟s testament”. Fill in the blank.


  1. Which brand tops Forbes inaugural list of the world’s most powerful brand?


  1. Which is the most successful film franchise of all the times?—

Harry Potter

  1. “You will wonder where the _____ went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent”. Complete the tagline.



ROUND 1:- (The answers were provided and teams had to frame questions)

  1. These boots are named after Arthur Wellesley‟s Royal title.

After whom are the Duke of Wellingtons boots named?

  1. Priced at 5 Rupees, it is called as the Saptagiri magazine.

What is the official magazine of Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam?—

  1.  Nine small pyramids combining to form one large pyramid.—

What does the DLF logo look like?—

  1.  The French called it Diplome Grande Ecole, the Germans called it Diplom Kaufmann, the Italians called it Laura magistrate.—

What are the MBA equivalent in the respective countries?—

  1. Brij Bhyshyam Sahni Sangthi‟s iconic jingle for a personal care product.—

Who sang the Lifebuoy jingle?

ROUND 2:-  

  1. Why does Masuria malmal, from which the famous muslin sarees are made,   named as Masuria ?—

 Mysore (Mysore sarees)—

  1. When he was in advertising, he designed two covers for Nehru‟s “The Discovery of India”. Who

Satyajit Ray

  1. Isaac Singer wanted to increase the distribution channel by means of some method, meaning “free from servitude”  in French. How do we know that word today?


  1. The Japanese traditional garment, Kimonos, have different styles of stitches of which one of it owes its name to a place in Chennai, thus being called as ______ Checkers. Fill in the blank.


  1. Inspired by Istanbul‟s original Roman habitants, the Ottomans, built around 150 of these structures around 17th century. What were those structures?—

Water Tanks.

  1. What is upcycling?—

Recycling any product so that the recycled product is more valuable than the former.

Round 3:- 

  1. Identify the campaign

P&G MOM’s Campaign

  1. Identify the dish

Peking Duck—

  1. Who is the author of the book?


  1. Which company’s headquarters?

Rovio HQ

  1. Identify the movie from the cover


  1. Identify this personality.



  1. In 1930’s,the Esquare magazine called it the newest tailoring idea for men. What was it?


  1. Arthashastra says Asava(Sugarcane juice)— Prasanna(Barley)— Medaka(Rice) Myrya(Jagerry) are the ingredients for preparing what?

Alcoholic drinks

  1. To guide advertising industry, who are measured by Davie Brown index?


  1.  In marketing, what do you mean by the term Betamaxed ?—

A lower quality product, replacing a much superior product than itself, from the market as happened for Sonys Betamax by VHS

  1. What dubious distinction does the stock exchange at Haradheere hold?—

It is a stock exchange in Somalia, run by pirates, where people can make investments and gain shares on profits


  1. Connect: Swivel, Taco, Bar, Dyna TAC 800.

Mobile phones

  1. A boy named Babla is seen in the trademarked logo of this company, that derives its name from a word meaning “tasty” in Gujarati. Identify this production company.


  1.  In 2009, this club broke its own record for the highest transfer fee ever paid  in history of club football. Its members are called socios.— This football club‟s 1st shirt sponsor was Zanussi.

Real Madrid

  1. Whose Blackberry is called as Blackberry One ?—

Barack Obama—

  1. Which is the first tourism board in India to be registered as a brand?—

Kerala Tourism

  1. Earliest reference to X was in the Kannada writing of Shivakoti Acharya.


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Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Ahmedabad November 8, 2012



The Ahmedabad edition of Brand Equity Quiz 2012 was held at the Indian Institute of Management on 7th November. Although the number of teams participating in Ahmedabad was fewer as compared to other cities, the teams were very well prepared andthis was reflected in the cut-off for the top 6 teams in the prelims to be as high as 26 correct answers out of 30.
The 6 teams to make it to the final round were:-
1. Arvind Mills
2. Gujarat Gas
3. Can Immigration Services
4. Vodafone
5. Triton Communication
6. Endeavour Careers
Celebrity quizmaster Derek O’Brien kept the audience entertained with his witty remarks and generously gave away prizes ranging from coffee mugs and watches to cameras and mobile phones. The final was a heady mix questions from various sectors pertaining to the world of business. One of the major upsets of the quiz was the elimination of the defending champions Endeavour Careers & perennial crowd favourites Triton Communication in the early stages of the buzzer round. The battle continued till the very end and the winner of the quiz was decided on the basis of a tie breaker between Gujarat Gas &Arvind Mills.
The winning team – Rajeev & Ronak from Arvind Mills would represent the city in the national finals to be held in Mumbai on November 28th.
PRELIMS(except the A/V):
1. Zandu Pharmaceuticals was established on a piece of land near the river Rangamati. The king of which erstwhile princely state donated this land?
2. Daag achche hain is the tagline of which product?
Surf Excel
3. The outlawing of logging in Thailand during the early 1990’s left thousands of domesticated _________ out of work?
4. What is the term for the amount of CO2released by an organization, industry or person?
Carbon footprint
5. Prior to this (event), Gloria was the last one to shut down the NYSE. What?
Hurricane Sandy
6. Australian mining company Rio Tinto supplied 8 tonnes of gold for which sporting event held recently?
London Olympics
7. On which channel is the Bournvita Quiz Contest telecast?
8. Which of the 5 Pandavas lost 1000 golden nishkas& 1000 chariots to Duryodhana in wager?
9. Which was the first social networking website to be valued at $100 billion?
10. In 1950, Peter Drucker was the first to suggest that companies treat their employees as _______ instead of liabilities.
11. When Anil Ambani joined Reliance, he dropped the word ‘only’ from which brand?
12. What connects Bajaj to MaharanaPratap?
13. What was the name of the moneylender in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice?
14. Aligarh is famous for manufacture of which product?
15. What does E in NEFT stand for?
16. How many people are expected to visit Antarctica in 2012?
A.10000 B. 35000 C. 50000
17. Who decided to pursue a career in aviation after a joyride in an aircraft at Hardelot, France at the age of 15?
JRD Tata
18. Which food item did Sanjay Dutt’s character sell in the movie Vaastav?
19. If IIM Calcutta was the first IIM to be set up, which was the second?
20. Which Asian airline has an IATA code of SQ?
Singapore Airlines
21. Which Indian state is most frequented by luxury train routes?
22. If you buy a product from brand TJ, where was it manufactured?
Tihar Jail
23. Which India-born director living in USA has a production house called Mirabai Films?
Mira Nair
24. On which cookie would you find a design of 12 flowers, 12 dots and 12 dashes per side?
FINALS (except the A/V questions):

Answers to some questions were provided and the teams had to come up with the questions
1. Progress through Knowledge in Sanskrit
A. What is the motto of IIM Ahmedabad?
2. A personal hygiene product manufactured using saponification reaction
A. What is soap?
3. DhirajbenRuparel named this product so for being tasty
A. What does Lijjat (papad) mean?
4. This plastic equipment manufactured by Acme Corporation is used in all FIFA matches
A. Who manufactures the whistles used by referees infootball games?
5. It is the most popular type of cheese in USA
A. What is mozzarella?
6. Bangladesh gets half of its fuel wood from this place in India
A. What are the Sunderbans?
1.Mother Dairy runs stores called Safal which sell perishable goods. Why were the stores named Safal?
Sabzee + Fal
2. In modern day media, what does EQ mean?
Engagement Quotient
3. Which term was popularized by Alex Faickney Osborn in the 1953 book Applied Imagination?
4. Chennai based Nalli’s Silks came up with a shade called MS Blue to honor which person?
M.S Subbalaxmi
5. What are Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Scorpion and Hainan Yellow Lantern some types of?
6. According to a survey by Nielsen, what is biggest cause of worry for working Indians?
Job security
1. About 110 Nobel Prize winners, 20 Heads of States and 5 US Presidents have contributed to which widely referred literature?
Encyclopaedia Britannica
2. In marketing jargon, who are mystery shoppers?
Customers sent by a company to its own outlets/retailers to conduct surveys
3. Which brand of tennis balls have been used at the Wimbledon Championship since its inception?
4. Which popular packaging product would you associate with a company called Sealed Air?
Bubble Wrap
5. Which marketing fundamental was proposed by Jerome McCarthy in 1960?
4 P’s
6. Which is the world’s largest producer of Aspartame[actual question had a discrepancy]?
ROUND 4 (buzzer):-
1. Which firm started in 1911 is the second largest employer in USA?
2. Which apex Indian body was set up in 1927 on the recommendation of Mahatma Gandhi?
3. The first salesperson for which company was a lady named Persis Albee?
Avon Products
4. In 1912, who asked Edison to manufacture a battery for self-starting automobiles?
Henry Ford
5.What have Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Rod Stewart insured at Lloyd’s?
6. Name the only coffee brand by Unilever.
7. If Milk: White Revolution, ________: Round Revolution?
8. Connect rainbows to a low-cost airline in India.
9. In the petroleum industry, what is a BBL?
Oil Barrel

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Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Mumbai November 5, 2012


Women like Facebook, more than Sex!

Well this is not an article on the details of the above mentioned title, but a review of the quiz where I came across this piece of trivia– the Brand Equity Quiz Mumbai Finals 2012. There is an eternal debate on the question of relevance of information. The above mentioned piece of trivia would be brushed aside as useless trivia or could be worthy information for someone in the advertising industry to explore the idea of marketing women products through Facebook etc. These were the kind of ambivalent thoughts I was left with after attending the quiz.

The teams on stage were – Edelweiss, Goldfish, JWT, Mersk, Tata Capital and TCS. The quiz was won by TCS, Mumbai who stood their ground throughout the quiz with some good cracks and the runner up team Edelweiss gave them stiff competition. TCS had a five point lead over Edelweiss when the last two questions of the quiz was remaining and TCS managed a negative of ten points on the penultimate question thereby losing out on the lead but by cracking the last question of the quiz made sure the title of Mumbai champion was not something that they would miss this year. Both TCS and Edelweiss would be representing Mumbai in the finals.

Derek was entertaining as ever, poking fun at others and employing the usuals from his coterie of jokes. One would be charmed by Derek’s perceptive and elegant use of his understanding of people’s psychology to make witty comments and keep the crowd on their toes with his presence and wisecracks.

Now the questions –

The Prelims Questions:

  1. Which Indian industry entered the Merriam Webster’s dictionary in 2007?


  1. Which famous brand was bought over by Luxxotica in 1999?


  1. Mahesh Lunch Home has branches in Mumbai at Fort, Juhu and __________?


  1. According to a survey, who among the following are the highest earners in US- Lawyers, Doctors and Chefs?


  1. Whose image was depicted on the currency of Sri Lanka to commemorate the person’s 2500th birth anniversary?

Gautam Buddha

  1. Which Nobel Laureate was provided with diamonds by De Beers for experiment purposes?

CV Raman

  1. Complete this Alfred Sloan quote – “A __________ for every purse and purpose”.


  1. Which Brooke Bond brand was the first to introduce tea bags?

TajMahal Tea

  1. Norges Bank is the central bank of which country?


  1. Which profession gets its name from this because historically the persons from this profession kept secrets of people they worked for?


  1. Philleas Fogg of “Around the world in eighty days” carried a red-bound copy of “Bradshaw’s Continental ___________ Steam Transit and General Guide”, for his journey around the world. Fill in the blanks.


  1. Who fired William Earle as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises?

Bruce Wayne

  1. Kevin Gilbertson is an American web developer best known as the creator of which web service that helps in shortening the size of an URL, by providing short aliases for long URL?


  1. McCormack World Rankings is the official ranking of which sport?


  1. Which Indian UNESCO world heritage site earned 19 Crores in revenue in 2011, by the sale of tickets?


  1. Who among the following is the highest earning American pop artist in UK – Rihana, Madonna and Justin Beiber?


  1. Which world-wide chain discontinued “Coco the clown” as its mascot in 1969?

Mc Donald

  1. In Hindu Mythology, who loaned money to Lord Balaji for his marriage with Goddess Lakshmi?

Lord Kubera

  1. What term is used to refer to an increase in the price of food that occurs as a result of increased demand from human consumption and due to its use as an alternative energy resource?


  1. “Parcheesi” is a board game sold in the US. It is based on which Indian board game?


  1. Identify her?


  1. Whose logo?

Yash Raj Films

  1. Which US University according to a survey tops the list of “Graduates of the university who are most employable”?

Harvard University

  1. Which Asian country is the largest producer of Opium in the world?


25.Which phrase refers to a person who has become rich through illegal or unfair means – Filthy rich, dirty rich and stinking rich?

Filthy Rich

  1. Which present cabinet minister represented “Sterlite Industries” in the Bombay High Court in 2003?

P Chidambaram

  1. Which country has the largest market for antiques and art – USA, China and Egypt?



Round 1: (Frame questions on the statements provided)

  1. A mission to stop cholera in Victorian England.

Why was Lifebouy created?

  1. Cosmopolitan survey – Women prefer it more than sex.

What is Facebook?

  1. Now a brand name,  it was a word first used in a Punjabi poem by Waris Shah.

What is Basmati?

  1. Dell Streak 5, previously known as the Dell Mini 5, is arguably the first.

Which is the world’s first fablet?

  1. Radhe, Radherani, Balarama and Ganga café.

What are the restaurants in Isckon?

  1. Only Qatar Airways gives all its business class passengers these for long haul flights.

Which airline provides pyjamas/night suits for its business class passengers for its long haul flights.


  1. Who contracted with the Spanish Crown to give him 10% of all profits made in the new lands, as stipulated in the Capitulations of Santa Fe?

Christopher Columbus

  1. In 1948, Candido used the company’s expertise in pumps to develop a submersible bathtub pump for his son, Kenneth, who had developed rheumatoid arthritis in 1943. He realized that their agricultural water pumps could be adapted to give his son soothing whirlpool treatments at home. Name the family?


  1. What was the chief reason why Coco Cola Company could not enter the Indian market in 1977 till 1993?

They refused to divulge the secret 7X formula to the ruling government.

  1. According to Arthashastra,  entertainers and who else were banned from moving through the agricultural fields during rainy seasons?

Gypsies and vagabonds

  1. According to Richard Branson, his idea of diversifying business is based on ABCD – Always Be _______  _______

Always be connecting the dots.

  1. Which actor/director featured in the Google’s first  video doodle?

Charlie Chaplin

Round 3

  1. Fill in the Blanks:



Oscar Pistorius

  1. Name the movie.


  1. Name the costume




Cat suit

  1. Identify this fenny brand from Goa.

Big Boss

  1. Name the award.




Man Booker Prize


  1. Who is the first living person to be featured in the Amar Chitra Katha?

Narayana Murthy

  1. Who plays the role of Che- the narrator in the Broadway show “Evita”?

Ricky Martin

  1. John Hegarty of Bartle BogleHegarty has criticised whom by referring to his copywriting as: “He did write crap ads … admittedly.”

Salman Rushdie

  1. What is atextonym?

When using predictive text to write an SMS, sometimes an unexpected word of similar / humorous meaning may pop up.Eg.:Kiss / lips, Pint / shot / riot, Book / cool.

  1. What is the world’s first correspondence course? Clue – It’s a corporate skill.


  1. Which Asian city gets its name from the fisherwoman named “Mai Kolachi”?



  1. Connect – Radhe – O’ fish- Ninety Days

Big Boss

  1. Bisleri is a person, mountain or spring?


  1. John Paul Getty quote –“ __________ is like manure, it stinks”


  1. In 2010, BskyB of News Corp filed trademark infringement suit against which company for the use of the word “Sky”?


  1. Which country is the second largest contributor in dollars to the United Nations?


  1. The National Old Age Pension scheme is named after which Indian Prime Minister?

Indira Gandhi

  1. The last version of it came out in 2010, had 32-volumes, weighed 62 kilogrammesand was priced at £1,195 an edition. What?

Encyclopaedia Britannica

  1. Name the 2006, Padma Shree awardee who brought “Ayurveda to the west”?

Shahnaz Hussain



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Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Chandigarh November 3, 2012

2012-11-01 20.51.22


The Brand Equity Quiz 2012

November 1st, Chandigarh

Corporate India’ oldest and most awaited quiz –The Idea Brand Equity Quiz 2012– kicked off on November 1st. Chandigarh got the privilege to host the first leg of  this year’s edition. The name of quiz was enough to lure all quizzers from the nearer states and cities to gather them under one roof. And one thing which always make it so luring is the presence of ace quizmaster Derek O’Brien. And as the battle started, Samsung outwitted Infosys at the opening regional round.

These were the 6 teams to qualify for the regional finals:-

Bharti Airtel

Infosys Red

Pioneer &Partner


Infosys Blue


The chief guest, Vivek Malhotra (Vice President and Head of Marketing for Idea Cellular’s Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and J&K circles) presented the prizes to the winners. The team from Samsung, represented by Nitin Gupta and Manu Kaushik, maintained their lead from starting and emerged as the winners.


1) Which famous architect said “Chairs are architecture. Sofa are Bourgeois” ?

Answer:  Le Corbusier.

2) Which abbreviation of the 1920s is probably influenced by the proprietor name  “Frigidaire”?

Answer : Fridge.

3)    In the 1990 Louis Cartier popularized the use of –

  1. a)     Diamond
  2. b)    Pearls
  3. c)     Platinum

Answer: Platinum

4) Paul Di Resto, Nico Huldenberg and Jules Bianchi are drivers for which F1 team?

Answer: Force India

5)What is the minimum amt that one can send through Instant Money Order on India POST?

Answer: 1000 Rupees

6) Which bollywood  film, directed by Bimal Roy in 1953, is the story of an impoverished farmer who became the Rickshaw Puller?

Answer: Do Bhiga Jamin.

7)Last year the world oldest marathon runner featured in a publicity campaign for

–         UNICEF

–         DUREX

–         PETA

Answer:- PETA

8)    In 2011 Rupert Murdoch News Corp. launched the ‘Daily’. It is the first Newspaper:-




Answer : Ipad

9) You have to pay to go up the Eiffel  tower.  Serious/Joking?

Answer: Serious

10)All the winner of  Nobel Prizes for Economics have won the award in their lifetime. True/False?

Answer:- True

11) Complete this phrase ; Be penny wise and——–Foolish.

Answer : Pound

12) In  1917, the US Rubber company almost marketed their footwear creation calling it Veds or Peds. They finally used another four letter word for them. What was it called as?

Answer: KEDS

13) Who headed the Salt Lake Org. Committee for the Olympic Paralympics Winter games of 2002?

Answer: Mitt Romney

14) What is trademark ed as a type of plasticized cardboard carton for milk & other folded from a single sheet ?

Answer: Tetra pack

15) Who worked in the Daily Bungle ?

– Superman

– Batman

– spiderman

Answer: Superman

16) The Pakistan version of which board game is called Crorepati Baopaar?

Answer: Monopoly

17) Which is the most popular flavour of  ice cream?

–         Chocolate

–         Strawberry

–         Vanilla

Answer : Vanilla

18) Which company trades on the NYSE using the symbol “LNKD”?


19) In their effort to stop tea from being declared the national drink, what did bar owners in Ludhiana abudantly serve to their customers?

Answer: Lassy ( a drink extracted from the milk)

20) 19 nation representing 6% of the world population have comprehensive national bans on ————- advertising ?

Answer:- Tobacco

21) Who presented the first interim budget of independent India?

Answer:R. K. Shanmukham Chetty

22) The name of which mild pain killer comes from ‘acetyliete spirsaure’ salicylic acid”?

Answr:- Aspirin

23) According to Philip Kotler the science and art of exploring, creation value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit is called ————

Answer:- Marketing

24) In 1882, a company started by which inventor provided the 1st commercial light system in Lower Manhattan ?

Answer:- GE, Thomas Edison.


ROUND 1:- An innovative round where Derek gave answers and teams had to frame questions out of it. And the teams found out how it is difficult to create questions rather than giving answer).

1) 7824-7431-7884  Ranjana Sonawane of Maharashtra

Answer:  Who was first AADHAAR recipient?

2)To cure his kidney stones Marquir de Lessert drank this water from his friends property.

Answer: How did we got Evain Water?

3) Forbes magazine says this Indian is the Most Looser of 2011.

Ans:-Who ranked Laxmi Mittal as the most loser of 2011?

4)  This auto sport originated when bootleggers transported whiskey at night in modified cars to deceive the police.

Ans:-How did NASCAR originated?

5)    Travel Company started in 1841 when the founder took 500 passenger from Leicester to Loughborough

Ans:-How was Thomas&Cook formed?



1)In 1990s before he become the pioneer of it, he was a motorcycle dealer, having poultry farm and served in Indian army. He is also a Udupi hotel owner and  a stockbroker. Who?

Ans. CAPTAIN Gopinath

2)  Which iconic brand has assembly line in Brazil and Bawal (Haryana).

Ans. Harley Davidson

3)    According to the  Times in London, who was the richest musician in 2011 under the age of 30?

Answer:- Adele

4))It is belived,  Japanese used to put something in Chai to make it bitter. What did they  used to put in the Chai ?

Ans. Turmeric 


Idea Deal Round:-

1)    According to a recent survey, who is the best brand ambassador in watch category?

Ans. Tiger Wood

 2) Name this commodity which derives its name from ‘Juniper berry

Answer:- Gin

3)    “My wealth comes from Luck and compound Interest”. Who said these words?

Ans. Warren Buffet

4)    India produces more than 109 varieties of this agri product. What ?

Answer: Spices. 

5)    In which city of Southern Hemisphere wad the movie ‘ The Lord of Rings’ ahot?


6)    Which company in the world produces more than 300 million rubber tyre ?

Answer:- Lego


  1. This management Guru is known as ‘MEP’

Answer:- Micheal E Porter

2) Harry Bentley Bradley are  set to design which brand of Toys ?

Answer:- Hot Wheels

3) In term of Tonnage, which state produce more wheat?

Answer:- UP

4) Which country has most users of FACEBOOK?

Ans- USA

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Tata Crucible Corporate 2012- Grand Finals October 20, 2012


The following questions were asked at the Tata Crucible Corporate 2012 National Finals held on October, 7th 2012 in Mumbai. Our thanks to Sudhanshu Sekhar Panda for this compilation.


  1. In Arabic, Rubʻmeans “one fourth, quarter” while Hizbmeans “a group or party”. Initially, it was used in the Quran. The symbol is used as a marker for the end of a chapter in Arabic calligraphy and forms  two overlapping squares known as Rub el hizb. Which architectural wonder is based on this design?

Answer: Petronas towers (The cross sections of Petronas Towers resembles the above symbols

a) people are good (b) sky is not the limit (3) win-win .These are the prophecies written on whose own grave?

Ans:Eliyahu Goldratt

  1. In the world of paralympics, what is the significant contribution of the Icelandic company Ossun?

Ans: Makes carbon fibre blades for Oscar Pistorious- the double amputee runner from South Africa nicknamed as the “Blade Runner”.

  1. Which concept in banking parlance came into existence after the Greek Banker Minos Zombanakis  at London branch of Manufacturer’s Hanover, now part of JPMorgan, arranged $60million for the Shah of Iran?

Ans:Concept of LIBOR came into being.

Oreo cookies were not selling till 1993 in USA since it was not being accepted by this community. The biscuits were made of lard (pig fat) which hurt this communities sentiments. Which community are we talking about?

Answer:- Jewish

What does the Altman Z-score measure?

Answer:- The Z-score formula for predicting bankruptcy was published in 1968 by Edward L. Altman.

  1. Dainius Rutkauskas and two others created “Lietuvos Kvapas ” . It  is a mix of bergamot, wild flowers, ginger, raspberry and grapefruit.What is it?

Ans: Lithuania’s “national perfume” – or “the scent of Lithuania”.

  1. What is considered to be the origin of the phrase “learn the ropes”?

Ans: It originates from shipping- when a young lad learns the basic runnings of an operation or job.


  1. A London based restaurant introduced a 12-item banana leaf meal inspired by the diet of which famous freedom fighter from India?

Answer:- Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Lutinewas a French Navy class frigate launched in 1779.  The British captured her in 1793 and took her into the Royal Navy and renamed her as HMS Lutine; she was lost in 1799. Lloyd’s of London has preserved her bell – the Lutine Bell. For what specific ritual did Lloyd use this bell?

Answer:  Lloyd’s of London would ring the bell every time a ship sank.

  1. Who is the author of these novels?

Answer:- Prakash Tandon- 1st Indian CEO of HLL

  1. On whom is this book based on?


  1. Name this Indian who created a coffee institution that still exists.


  1. What is the significance of these stamps?

Answer:- 1st ever stamps of Pakistan, being from the 1940s British India series stamps overprinted with the word Pakistan. Known as the Nasik Overprints.

ROUND 3:- 

  1. Which term originated from British soldiers observing local offerings in Indian temples?

Answer:- Cashcows

  1. This is Lillie Langtry. What was her claim to fame in the 19thcentury?

Answer: – 1st actress model for Pears soap

  1. Intouch the new name of the Shin Corporation.Who was the owner of Shin Corporation?

Answer: – Thaksin Shinatwara, former PM of Thailand




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Tata Crucible Corporate 2012 at Chennai October 17, 2012


The following questions were asked at the Tata Crucible regional round held in Chennai on September 30th,2012.  Our thanks to Jayakumar GB of Hyundai Motors India, Chennai for this compilation.



  1. Which luxury group owns the brands GUCCI, YSL, Redcats?

Answer:-  PPR

  1.  Name the restaurant which is an amalgamation of the word “Nordic Food” and was adjudged the best restaurant in 2010 & 2011.

Answer:-  Noma

  1. Which company created the modern espresso machine in 1934?

Answe:-  Illy

  1. This company is Singapore Airlines low cost subsidiary. It’s name is short, sharp and snappy. The name resembles an Indian scooter brand.

Answer:- SCOOT

  1. This location-based social networking website for mobile devices, such as smart phones, was created by Dennis Crowley- whose similar “Dodge ball” was acquired by Google. It takes it’s name from a playground sport. Identify.

Answer:-  Four Square

  1. Of the 1,000 people surveyed in the UK, 66 % have nomophobia, up from 53% 4 years ago. What is nomophobia?

Answer:-  No Mobile Phone Phobia

  1. This is a non-profit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public-speaking and leadership skills. It was founded by Ralph C. Smedley.

Answer:-  Toastmasters International

  1. Which famous personality is behind the “Girl friend” perfume?

Answer:- Justin Bieber

  1. Identify the author of the book.

Answer:- Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman

  1. Originally formulated by General Foods Corporation food scientist William A. Mitchell in 1957, sales of this product were poor until NASA used it on John Glenn’s Mercury flight, and subsequent Gemini missions. Since then, it was closely associated with the U.S. manned spaceflight program. The brand is currently owned by Kraft Foods.

Answer:- Tang

  1. Which not-so-successful Telecom service launched in 1995?

Answer:- Pager service

  1. What was established in 1932 as TBVF by late Mr. Vishnu?

Answer:- Talwalkars

  1. Jersey Airtel and Guernsey Airtel are services offered under a partnership between Airtel & ______?

Answer:- Vodafone

  1. Identify this controversial project.

Answer:- Lavasa

What was the Online Travel service of MSN which was later spun off in 1999?

Answer:- Expedia

  1. Popularly known as Co-optex, it was established in 1935 and has a long and rich tradition in Handloom History that dates back over 77 years. Has a network of 203 showrooms spread all over India with an annual turnover of around Rs.1000 Crore.

Answer:- The Tamilnadu Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society Ltd

  1. Who is the Official Sportswear Partner to Wembley Stadium and exclusive football supplier to The FA at all levels of the game?

Answer:- Umbro

  1. Which retailer has the “From the mountains” range of Jams & Chutney?

Answer:- Nilgiri’s

  1. Former chief technology officer @ Zynga, he left the company to assume a similar role at ServiceNow, a company that offers software to automate enterprise IT operations as a service. Identify the person.

Answer:- Allan Leinwand

  1. Which airline’s campaign “Our sign is a promise”?

Answer:- Swiss Airlines

  1. Which company owns the “Optimus” range of mobile phones?

Answer:- LG

  1. Identify the personality.

Answer:- Sivasankaran – Siva Group



  1. At the time of the Second World War, the Government of India asked the leading advertisement agencies to form a consortium and set up a publicity unit in Shimla to handle war propaganda, tackle rumour mongering, put out messages about black-outs and handle recruitment to the armed forces. When the war ended, this consortium was converted into its present form. It came into being in 1955. Identify the organisation.

Ans:-  DAVP (Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity)

  1. ‘Class Edge’ is an offering from which TATA group company?

Answer:- TATA Interactive systems

Identify this futuristic currency

Answer:- Currency designed to be used by inter-planetary travellers. Called the Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination or Quid.

  1.  This most famous brand’s first in the world is to be set up in Golden Temple at Amritsar, the second one in Vaishno Devi Temple. Which brand are we talking about?

Answer:- McDonald’s Veg Restaurant

  1. The name of this famous Indian brand comes from a flower. The brand traces its history to 1862 when Kanji Morarji, started a small trading business in Mumbai. Which brand?

Answer:- Suffola (from Sunflower)

  1. Which TATA group company acquired 51% stake in Zero waste Agro organics Pvt ltd (ZWAOPL), a Maharashtra based organic manure and soil conditioners manufacturing company?

Answer:- Rallis India

  1. It is the Sanskrit word that now refers to the entire plant kingdom. However, according to Charaka Samhitā and Sushruta Samhita medical texts, it is limited to plants that bear fruits but no evident flowers. In the Rigveda, it is a deity presiding over the forest and described as the “bright golden hued _________, with its thousand branches.” Identify the brand name.

Answer:- Vanaspati

  1. Which tiny seeds grown mainly in Rajasthan, Haryana and the Saurashtra region of Gujarat in India  are helping in the oil field services of Halliburton?

Answer:- Guar Seeds – an essential ingredient for mining oil and natural gas in a process called hydraulic fracturing

  1. “India’s Place in the Sun Would Come from the Partnership Between Wisdom of its Rural People and Skill of its Professionals”. Which famous Indian’s quote?

Answer:- Dr. Verghese Kurien

  1. Identify this personality who was the former chairman of Madura Coats.

Answer:- John Shaw (Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw’s husband)

Tata AG promotes the worldwide export of a wide range of Indian commodities, finished products and non-traditional industrial items. It undertakes third-country international trading, counter-trading and specialist equipment procurement for overseas projects. Where is its Head Quarters?

Answer:- Switzerland

  1. Advertisement for?

Answer:- Cocaine

  2. WIPRO is set to sell it’s water purification and treatment business to which company?

Answer:- Earth water Group

  1. First luxury tower in India by Homestead will be branded in which personality’s name?

Answer:- Michael Schumacher

  1. George Weyman, inventor of Copenhagen Snuff, opened his tobacco shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is the foundation to which global company?

Answer:- U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company (Altria Group)

  1. After selling the business they co-founded to TATA, one of them went on to start “Shop4solutions”, a retail solutions company. Who?

Answer:- Hemu Ramaiah, Founder and ex CEO of Landmark

  1. Connect:

Answer:- Colgate: Total, Tom’s – manufacturer of natural-ingredients-only personal care products, a partially owned subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive, Mahesh Bhupathi – Brand ambassador

  1. Connect

Answer:- Dabur: Balsara – acquired by Dabur, Amla – Dabur amla oil

  1. Connect

Answer:- Zydus: slogan, Founder – Ramanbhai Patel, Bipasha Basu – Sugar Free brand ambassador

  1. Connect

Answer:- Tang: Kraft logo, Warner Lambart belongs to Kraft group, Two flavours of Tang


  1. What is the index used to measure the level of governance in African countries?

Answer:- IBRAHIM Index

  1.  Which company was founded by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, Elon Musk?

Answer:- PAYPAL

  1. What is the title of P.C.Balasubramanian & Raja Krishnamoorthy’s book on Rajini – Value Statements on Business and Life Management?



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Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind October 14, 2012



September 15th, 2012 was celebrated as Engineer’s Day to mark the birth anniversary of Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah, the most outstanding Indian Engineer. Vishweshwaraiah was the brain behind Hyderabad’s flood protection system and the construction of Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mysore. His systems are in use till date. He was also honored with India’s highest honor-Bharat Ratna in 1955. To celebrate this day, all engineering professionals were invited to participate in the “Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind Challenge” presented by Larsen & Toubro. The national level quiz was held simultaneously in Bangalore and Delhi on September 15th. Mumbai witnessed the event being staged on September 16th. The top two teams from the zonal finals were given the opportunity to battle it out for the National Finals held in Mumbai on September 16th. So that made it two back to back quizzes in Mumbai- zonal+finals. As a quizzer, this would have been too much fun. What made the event more fascinating was the array of prizes on offer. The zonal winners were awarded with prizes such as ipad3 and Samsung Galaxy SII. If you thought this was the top draw for prizes, it does not end there. The National winners were treated to an exotic trip to Pattaya/Bangkok and had the privilege of being trained at the Mercedez Benz AMG Driving Academy at Buddh International Circuit. No engineering professional-even if he hates quizzing- could have passed such an opportunity.

The event witnessed a huge turnout of more than 100 teams in each of the 3 regions. The zonal rounds contained few questions catering to the local flavour. Thus in Bangalore prelims, there was a question on Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah that went answered by all the teams!! It also drew loud cheers from the crowd as they found it to be the simplest question. The prelims and the finals had an interesting mixture of dry questions and audio/videos too. The pressure on the teams was upped during the rapid fire round that was played on the buzzers with negative markings!!! Few teams took the risk and it paid off while others were not so lucky. TCS put up a commanding performance in the Bangalore zonals and they carried this momentum to Mumbai and ultimately took home the crown of National Winners- thus ensuring their flight tickets to Pattaya/Bangkok and a cool drive around the Buddh Circuit. It was a perfect end to what one could really call as “The Weekend of Engineers”- powered and engineered by QuizWorks.




Bangalore Round:-


What moves up to 4500 mph within a second when triggered, with a force of 200G, and is designed to explode at an impact speed of 19 mph?



“Liquid Engineering Crew” s a web based social community of auto enthusiasts which also doubles up as a rewards forum. Which company runs this program?



_________ is an intentional drop in voltage in an electrical power supply system used for load reduction in an emergency. Fill up the blank



Delhi Round:-


Which oil and lubricant company’s logo is titled “Orange Disc”?



Which company is the official engineering design services provider for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games?



Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematicapublished on July 5th, 1687, forms the foundation of classical mechanics. Name the author.



Mumbai Round:-


Which communication technology uses short-wavelength radio transmissions in the band width of 2400-2480 MHz?



What is described as the actual twisting force at the engine’s crankshaft and is measured in terms of pounds-feet?



The complexity of ‘this’ is said to rise by (n^2)/(log n) where n is the side of the polygon involved. What is the universal name of ‘this’?


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SHRM First People Student Quiz October 14, 2012

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) organized the First, People Student Quiz Contest on September 22nd, 2012 at the Grand Hyatt in Goa. As part of their national HR conference and to reach out to a larger audience, SHRM, in association with Monster College, organized an online test where more than 10000 students registered for the test. After testing their analytical and written skills, shortlisted students were grouped in random teams of two for the regional rounds of the First People Quiz. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Bhubaneshwar were selected as the regional centres for the quiz. The winning team from every centre was rewarded with an all expense paid trip to Goa to compete for the national finals held on September 22nd. Thus, 4 good quizzing teams battled it out in Goa amidst a huge crowd.




The national final was hosted by Mr. Raj Dam of QuizWorks. With his keen sense of humor, he had the audience in laughter at all times. Questions were thrown at the audience to keep them engaged which included a variety of HR related questions keeping the crowd profile in mind. The quiz had a good mixture of dry questions, visuals and audio/videos too.  The quiz was made all the more engaging by inviting 4 people from the audience to assist the teams on stage. This round was aptly named “Magical Mentors”- a perfect setting for a HR conference. The Delhi team took all the assistance that was offered and raced ahead in the leader board. They eventually finished the quiz with a total of 90 points, leaving behind the other teams, to emerge champions of the first edition of the SHRM First People Student Quiz.



Details of the teams:-

Vivek Kumar and Prateek Acharya, DELHI- 90 POINTS

Amit Naik and Vineeth Pandita, MUMBAI- 20 POINTS

Shiva Prabhakar and Shuvendu Parui, BANGLAORE- 20 POINTS

Siddarth Parida and Pankaj Tandakar, BHUBANESHWAR- O POINTS


Questions that were asked:-

  • If you are importing/exporting things called Playgirl, Sexy Rexy,  Sweet Caroline,  Dancing in the Rain etc what product are you doing business in?

Answer is Roses. When this question was passed to the audience, their imagination ran wild with answers ranging from perfumes to condoms!!!!!

  • What connects Goan Feni,  Gir Kesar mango,  Mysore Silk, Darjeeling Tea and Tirupati Laddoos?-

Answer is Geographical Indication Status.

  • This technique, widely used in various field sports was invented by Gallaudet University quarterback Paul D. Hubbard in 1892. Gallaudet University was for the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.  When quarterbacking, Hubbard realized that his hand signals could be read by opposing players, a particular concern when Gallaudet played other schools for the deaf. To remedy this, he invented this technique. What?

Answer is Huddle.

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TATA CRUCIBLE AT ODISHA September 12, 2012




The announcement of the introduction of Vishakapatnam as a new city for Crucible drew loud cheers as it ensured teams from that region would not come here to take part. The show was quite an interesting one with the consistent teams from Vizag staying back for the fight, as this year due to logistical problems Guwahati was cancelled and Vizag deemed fit! The stage was fairly represented by PSUs and privates as well as startups, Ishwar software took a negative early in the quiz making their position look tumultuous, but some marvelous buzzer action later, they were back on track; although as pickbrain would put it, they were consistent all round, all the three rounds were won by them. IOCL gave a very close challenge to Ishwar who emerged the winners. With the final question on Verghese Kurien, Giri concluded the quiz in style! Real good quizzing action..



What publication is nick named, “the daily diary of the American dream”?


In the days of cola based aerated drinks having prominence, 7up mustered to advertise against pepsi and coke.. What slogan?

Lets ___ Cola!

S Sivaramakrishnan bought Sterling computers (now Sterling Infotech) from which family in the 1980s. Clue: It’s a tennis family

From 1925-34, which automobile brand used Eifel tower as the world’s largest ad sign as recorded by the Guiness book of world records?

Ad for which automobile company?


It was founded by Europeans on April 24,1865 as the oldest joint stock bank in India. Which?

Launched in Nepal with collaboration with Thai food industries- it means quick in thai. What are we talking about?


Biscuit brand named after royal house that first ruled France in the 16thcentury and 18thcentury Spain. Which brand?


Modeled after colt .45, introduced by Black and Decker, 45 years later the company released a cordless version. What?


Which company did he work for?

Park Tae Joon, a former army officer was trapped by South Korea’s military leader to start a company in the late 1960s. He became a hard charging government backed businessmen and in a way propelled Korea out of post war poverty. Why was he making news in India a few moths ago?


Sylvan Nathan Goldman, noticed the customers in his departmental store stopped when their bags got heavy, in 1936 an idea came to him from the folding chairs he had in the attic. Which idea?


What is acquhiring?
Rather  than hiring a certain big number of people with a certain skill set, you acquire a company of the genre..

Whose Inflight Magazine is called as Oryx?

QATAR AIRWAYS will redirect you to which bookstore’s webpage?

Months after Roger Federer was born, his parents opened up an account for him.. This Bank now advertises as, “Helping Roger Federer relax since 1981”

Each employee of this company is a part of the cast, they are called cast members; cast members onstage and cast members backstage.Which company in the world of entertainment?

178 acres gym, 400m track, beach volley,  buildings named after athletes Steve Prefontaine, Michael Jordan. Which sporting giant?


To whom does this Google Doodle pay tribute to?



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