Review of Christ University’s Quiz – Interrogante 2018

Interrogante 2018

In the Bangalore quizzing circuit, the most awaited quiz event for the month of March is Christ University’s annual flagship event – Interrogante 2018. Over the years, it has attracted first time quizzers and the traditional quizzing powerhouses – thus ensuring a balanced field. The 2018 edition was ably hosted by Vinay Mudaliar, quizmaster and founder of Mindcogs. The content was a good mix of text, visuals and Audio Videos which tested the logical reasoning and the wit of the contestants.

The 8 finalists consisted of corporate teams and college teams as well. The final results were as follows:-

Winners:- Jayakanthan and Navin from TCS/Sai Mitra

2nd Place: – Novartis

3rd Place: – Capgemini

Here are the few questions that were asked at the quiz.


Q1. Over 1300 entries were submitted. The design of bankers-turned-designers Rushi Patel and M Venkateshwar Rao, founder of Nammur design, was selected. What are we talking about?

Ans: – Logo of Bengaluru City

Q2. Which cosmetic chain name comes from a combination of Greek for beauty and wife of Moses?

Ans: – Sephora

Q3. Reprise Records was started by an artiste who wanted to provide artistic freedom for his own recordings. Who?

Ans: – Frank Sinatra

Q4. In the 1820’s, Maniram Dutta Baruah was one of first people to establish this in state. He informed the British people about the product grown by local Singphlo people. This is now a hugely famous product from this region. Which product?

Ans: – Assam Tea

Q5. When asked in an interview the reason for selecting the brand name, the founder’s response was such: – “Your first craft lesson. Your first rain when you are allowed to go out. You’re your first sense of accomplishment and life’s lesson. Maybe it implies a Tagore poem of same name”.

Which brand are we talking about?

Ans: – Paper Boat

Q6. Deivee is an active wear brand designed just for Indian women by which famous personality?

Ans: – Milind Soman

Q7. Haven is a security app released by which person?

Ans: – Edward Snowden

Q8. Connect – 1st Indian company to sign up as National Supporter FIFA U 17 and Delhi Sikandpur Metro Station.

Ans: – Bank of Baroda

Q9. 10100 is the recent venture by which person?

Ans: – Travis Kalinick

Q10. In 1991, which company set up an institute in Paris to promote research, information and education about nutrition, diet and public health?

Ans: – Danone

Q11. In 1950’s, he lived in Delhi working as an artist with an advertising firm. Things began to change in 1961 after his marriage. His in laws asked the couple to move to a South Indian city. The wedding money the couple received was used to float the company. Which person?

Ans: – Ramoji Rao

Q12. Maharaja of Mysore patronized this. TI Updhyayya and Thirithallu Shimoga & Attar Khasim Sahib from Tajavur started this industry in 1885. This made the local government to disperse these itesm as gifts to various countries. Which iterm?

Ans: – Mysore Agarbathis

Q13. Sam Walton is his book “Made In America” said that he borrowed ideas from this person. When asked how it felt to be father of Industry, he said “I wish I’d worn a condom”. Who is this famous person?

Ans: – Sol Price

Q14. Druing Christmas 2016, this company set up a hotline number called 08006894903. They stated that “We’ll have experts on hand with official rulebooks to settle any disputes and advice on how to resolve common complaints. People can make a donation to the helpline as well. Which famous board game created this hotline number?

Ans: – Monopoly

Q15. “GRADES DON’T MATTER” is an online education service provider created by whom?

Ans: – Varun Agarwal

Q16. Shigeru Miyamoto exploration as a young boy in hillsides and forests, caves in his hometown in Sonobe, Japan. The name was inspired from novelist Scott Fitzgerald’s wife names which he thought was “pleasant and significant”.

Ans: – Legend of Zelda

Q17. According to senior VP of Marketing, the name was chosen because it sounded like a punk band or club and is the name of daughters of both CEO Bob Mc Kniht and founder Alan Green. Who?

Ans: – Roxy

Q18. When Niels Bohr visited factory in Lund in 1950’s, he called the invention “a perfect practical application of mathematical problem. Listed as “marvels that we couldn’t live without” by London Science Museum”. What are we talking about?

Ans: – Tetrapak

Q19. Which company was formed in 1954 with a merger of these two companies and current Indian Parent company? CARBORUNDUM + UNIVERSAL

Ans: – CUMI

Q20. Established in 1890 as AG Thomson and Co, the company was renamed after the owner’s pet Jacky. Which company?

Ans: – Kookaburra


Q1. Zug is an affluent municipality and town in Switzerland. In the recent times, this small town has been nicknamed as              due to a person Johann Gevers who shifted his startup in 2013 here because of it’s favorable political, economic and technological environment. Over the years Zug has been known for flexible regulations that support new and innovative projects in a certain field. What is the nickname?

Ans:- Cryptovalley

Q2. Founded by Baiju Mohammed, Bhagavan Das and Harry Croydon, Pinstove is a unique app currently present in India, South Africa and United Kingdom, that was launched to create more job opportunities as certain social restrictions may prevent some people from going out to earn a living. What is unique about this app?

Ans: – Ready to eat meals prepared by Housewives

Q3. A news report from an investment banking firm Jeffries in 2013, delivered a harsh report on Sony’s electronics business. Analysts claimed that electronics was in fact worth very little to the company. Experts believe that a lesser known division of Sony, popular mainly in Japan, accounts to a huge chunk of the Company’s revenue. Over the years this raked in good profit. What division is this?

Ans:- Sony Life Insurance

Q4. It is a small town in the province of Antwerp in Belgium. A specific type of woollen cloth present here was used by the armed forces for their needs. Hence originated these products with the town name. What am I talking about?

Ans: – Duffel

Q5. This was a large resort hotel in Monterey, California, from its opening in 1880 until 1942. It was one of the finest luxury hotels in North America. During World War ll, it closed and the building was leased to the Navy. A particular company trace its name back to an Oakland, California food distributor who used the brand for a premium coffee blend made especially for the hotel. What am I talking about?

Ans:- Del Monte

Q6. Ulysses placed his son Telemachus under the care of X when he was away for the Trojan War. Because of his relationship with Telemachus, a term in English and also used widely in Management/HR is adopted from here. What term?

Ans:- Mentor and Mentee

Q9. Started in 2009, it is a professional web design and development competition body. It aims to recognize and promote the best of innovation web design and gives away awards every year. What appropriately have they named them and the annual awards?


Q10. This 100-year-old company was started by Joaquim Remedios in Kolkata. Currently having business across India, his son John Remedios expanded the company and have been responsible for numerous world-famous acts. They claimed to be the first company in India to manufacture acoustic and electric guitars in India. Which company?


Q11. Young entrepreneurs Chethan Hiremath and Deeraj Gowda of Bengaluru are behind this. Initially, the duo catered to a lot of F&B clients, given that Chethan has a flourishing event management firm to his credit. But 8 months back they bagged a completely different project which changed the organization they tied up with completely. What is their claim to fame?

Ans:- Design the memes for Bangalore City Traffic Police

Q12. The movie theatre was a frontrunner in terms of technology, being the first cinema in India to introduce Dolby sound and Xenon projectors. It was the also first cinema in India to introduce caramel popcorn, matinee shows as well as late night shows. Ajay Bijli drew inspiration from this theatre in 1990 and convinced his father to remodel Priya Cinema, with Dolby sound and screening Hollywood movies. Which theatre, who built it and who owns it?

Ans:- Sterling Cinemas built by Sharponji Pallonji Group and owned by TATA

Q13. They were best known for cladding the feet of Maoist militiamen who wages a brutal insurgency against the state from their rural stronghold in this country. As the bitter conflict dragged on, the trainers became so synonymous with the Maoists that anyone wearing a pair was suspected to be a militant. The security forces profiled them, If a guy was wearing this and had a backpack, he was Maoist. What is this?

Ans: – Goldstar Shoes

Q14. In the 1970s, this magazine was originally modeled on a famous US magazine which was creating waves in India as well. The editorship of this Magazine was soon taken over by this person, whose main claim t0 fame at the time was that he had written a guide to Mumbai, The editorial content soon became extremely readable, and he had some of India’s leading writers writing for it. Who is the person and which magazine?

Ans: – Vinod Mehta of DEBONAIR

Q15. This company made news last year month of August-September. They make a certain product which consists of seed ball, that is, seeds inserted in a mix of peat from coconut waste and manure inside them. On dissolving, the seed balls which fill the interior merge with the clay and soil. What did they make?

Ans: – Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols

Q16. The word historically meant “thing beyond the dowry”. It meant the separate property of a married woman, such as clothing and jewelry “appropriate to her station”, but excluding the assets that may have been included in her dowry. Changes in family law and inheritance law mirroring trends in the wider society, such as the several Married Women’s property Acts of the various common law jurisdictions, have generally rendered the legal concept obsolete. Which word?

Ans:- Paraphernalia

Q17. The idea behind this started out similar to collection of Pogs cover caps. Different caps denoted various score value. In 1990s a well-known brand inspired from this, started their own series to help promoting the brand, which became hugely popular.  Which brand and what did they start?

Ans:- Tazos

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