The Ahmedabad Leg of ‘Tata Crucibles 2012 – The Business Quiz’ was held on 25th August at IIM, Ahmedabad. The day was Saturday and at 2:30 in the afternoon with a slight monsoon breeze blowing it was perfect weather for the ultimate business quiz. There were teams coming in from all over Gujarat, from Surat, Rajkot and everywhere in between. The venue was abuzz at the stipulated time with grey-top gentlemen who had taken an afternoon off mingling with their younger counter parts who still had a fresh out of college aura about them. In all their were around 50 odd teams from various companies like L&T, L&T Finance, IBM, Siemens, Adani, Neilsen, Vodafone, Thermax etc.

This year a change was introduced in the format, where in the number of prelim questions depended upon the no. of teams that turned up at a particular venue. Giri deemed Ahmedabad to have a little more competition than some other cities and so deemed 25 questions to be the right no. for the prelims. Another change was that the wildcard round was scrapped as 25 questions were deemed enough to separate the teams. The top 6 teams were to make it to the finals.

Prelim Questions:

  1. Name the cosmetic co. which has been featured frequently on TV recently and was founded by Darshan Patel who was co-promoter of ‘Paras Pharma’.


  1. Which auto major tied up with ‘Defiance Tech of Hinduja Group’ to setup a dedicated social media center? Hint : Its sales received a 12% jump after this and it’s a global co.


  1. Which co. has scholarship program called turning point? Hint: One of the largest computer educators in India and uses a sports person as brand ambassador.


  1. Which Indian IT CEP has charity called ‘sampark’? Hint: Was recently in news for authoring a book, among the top 5 IT co.s, started in a garage in Coimbatore.

Vineet Nayar

  1. Device pic:Nokia Luna headset
  2. Mumbai based ‘The shirt co.’ is exclusive franchise in India for which iconic clothing range and a legendary toy range associated with it which is a huge global rage?


  1. Which brand launched the Madagascar 3 series of watches in India?

Zoop from Titan

  1. Which union minister leads ‘Ceejay Group’ and so consequently is referred to as ‘Bidi Maharaj’?

Praful Patel

  1. In 1899 a patent was given to William Middlebrook for the design of X. He sold the patent to American firm, Cushman and Denison who trademarked it in 1904. Today X is a generic product. Hint: It is found without fail in each and every office.

Paper clips

  1. Logo ofVictorinox
  2. This magazine was founded in 1892 by Princeton Graduate Arthur Baldwin Turnure and backed by wealthy NYC residents. Magazine aimed to be a dignified, authentic journal of society and fashion. It was primarily pictorial and not textual.


  1. Name the co. whose 100 products dating between 1946 and 1958 are housed in the Smithsonian Institution. Its first invention was ‘The Wonderlier Bowl’. Hint: Cook in kitchen.


  1. Two women are part of the Forbes 2012 list of highest paid sports stars. First is Maria Sharapova. Name the second one who is an Asian.

Li Na

  1. Martin Nodell the creator of the ‘Green Lantern’ is credited with creating a famous ad icon which is known for the ‘tummy poke’. Hint: Every ad featuring this character ends with a tummy poke and the character going into giggles.

Pillsbury Dough Boy

  1. Picture of Rock of Gibraltar. Asked to identify the logo inspired from it.

Prudential Financial

  1. What in India was named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon reflecting the promoter’s vision of the enterprise being the first and foremost in all its chosen fields?

Apollo Hospitals

  1. Kenneth Daigneau, an actor from NYC won 100$ for suggesting a name to Hormel Food. Hint: Hormel foods own this 4 letter word that’s popular in the modern world


  1. How do we know the dry goods store, ‘The Golden Rule Store’ which was previously owned by T.M.Callahn. (Hint: The store gave discount on cash and confusion on name comes from James Cash)

JC Penny

  1. Abram Games is famous for logo of the ‘Festival of Britain’. He also created first identity of a media conglomerate that was earlier known as ‘Bats Wings’.


  1. Pic of LN Mittal’s Son
  2. It was the brainchild of Lt. Gen. Harry Lumsden and was first used by the Corps of Guides which was the most famous of the regiments of the Indian army during British rule. Hint: It is still used in India.


  1. SS Nadkarni, RH Patil and Ravi Narain gave up their jobs in IDBI bank in 1992 to find and promote a financial institution as a corporate body.  Which institution?


  1. It was started in 1980 by Prakash Lakhani with 4 stitching machines and was registered as M/S Ganga and Co. Hint: Created a huge vertical for kids in the word of apparel.

Gini and Jony

  1. Daniel M Lewis founded this in 1998 with his Prof. F Tom Leighton and fellow graduate Jonathan Seeling. Daniel died in 9/11 aboard the American Airlines flight.

Akamie Technologies

  1. The scooter model Yamaha Ray is promoted by which Indian actress. Hint: She was chosen for agility and fitness.

Deepika Padukone

Finalists were:

1. Anand Ladgaonkar and Nikhil Shah – Thermax Ltd

2.Sumit Bengali and Kaushik Ghosh – Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd.

3.Mohit Raj and Sashwat Omar – Petronet LPG

4.Sushim Mohanty and Nikhil Soni – Vodafone

5.Mahesh Manjawala and Mayur Rana –Triton Communications

6.Kushan Patel, S Meghashyam – Endeavour Careers Pvt Ltd.

For the finals Pickbrain had made another change. Every city was to have a different format in the finals. This was done to ensure that contestants prepared for a quiz and not a particular round.

The first round in Ahmedabad was ‘Tips and Tricks’. It was a 12 question round with 6 clockwise and 6 anticlockwise. As a question is being read, any team can hit the buzzer and try for it. The buzzer hitting team will get the question at scoring pattern +10/-5. If nobody hit the buzzer it would go to the team that it was intended for a +10. Passing was +5. No negatives if you didn’t hit the buzzer.

Round 1:

1.Name the billion dollar cloud computing business started by Marc Benioff, who is a former Oracle executive. Ans: Salesforce.com

  1. Connect: Bruce Lee, Singapore $10, Bhawani Textiles and Rowdy Rathore. Ans:Dollar Club Hosiery.
  2. David A Pendlebury is a history graduate. He has been predicting Nobel winners since 2002 on the basis of number and influence of papers, citations etc. for a particular company. Which co.? Ans:Reuters
  3. At Detroit Auto Show, Tata’s EMO was on display. Where does the word EMO come from? Ans:Electric Motion
  4. Photo of Vineet Nayar (HCL CEO) and Vineet Nayar (MAHINDRA-SATYAM CEO). Id both.
  5. Which e-commerce giant partnered Tata Docomo to launch Deal Zone? Ans:Snapdeal
  6. ID the device. Steve Jobs holding aloft an envelope. Ans:Macbook Air
  7. X went public in 1971. Y also went public on the same day. One year later X’s share prize was twice of Y. The stock market analysts observed that “Wall Street has spoken: Its memories over mammaries.” Id X and Y. Ans:X-Intel, Y-Playboy
  8. Visual Connect leading to answer asAshok Leyland.
  9. Which is the first Indian jewelry brand to be sold at Harrod’s, London? Ans:Amrapali
  10. The CEO of which company tweeted: “Today’s my last day at ____. I’ll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku.” Ans:Jonathan Schwartz of SUN Microsystems.
  11. Ad for the coolest job in the world. References to going to pubs, parties and like. Which co.? Ans:Sab Miller

Round 2: Business Appraisal

It was 8 questions all straight on buzzer.

  1. Connect: Purple club, Subroto Roy Sahara, Tokangi and Jack Fruit. Ans:Durian, durian is another name for jackfruit.
  2. Tata entered which country with 4*4 trucks recently? Options: Malaysia, South Africa or Singapore? Ans:Malaysia.
  3. Students of Ecole Centrale, Paris collected this object from the streets. Many doing so after intense drinking and these objects then became the inspiration for what? Ans: VLC logo.
  4. Count Francesco Bracca was an Italian who was world war 1 ace. What was his contribution to business in Italy? Ans: Ferrari logo.
  5. X approached Dr. B C Roy for financing. B C Roy took out money from the funds of the public works department citing that the project would benefit roads as its name sounded such. Which ‘project’ which was not even remotely associated with roads? Ans:Financing of Pather Panchali.
  6. Visual connect on Chupa Chups logo.
  7. Borgeaud is a marquee Swiss watch maker which developed a special watch which had Indian influence in one of the things it could tell. What was the Indian thing that it could tell? Ans: Rahu Kaalam

Round 3: A round of 3 questions. No. of blanks in the answer told how many letters the answer it had. If answered within 30 seconds, then score is +15 else +10. On buzzer and wrong answer is -5.

  1. Connect: Rakesh Malhotra, Navneet Kapoor, Sunil Bhalla, Schneider Electric, Sachin Tendulkar.8 letter answer. Ans:Luminous
  2. Connect: Divya, Fastest Growing, US Army guide. 8 Letter answer. Ans:Pinterest
  3. Connect: Leslie Scott, 1970’s, Swahili for ‘to built’. 5 letter answer. Ans:Jenga

After 2 hours grueling quizzing the results was out. The team from Endeavour careers created a record by being the first team to cross 100 points in a city round with 115 points. The second team was Petronet LNG at 15 points.

This review is credited to Aditya Akhauri, a quizzing enthusiast who witnessed the event.


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